The end of love 11 years! "Oatmeal" to throw "McLaughlin" because of


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November 7, 2018


The end of love 11 years! "Oat Pramot" to throw the girl "Licha chalis" out of the circle "lost passion"

I'm not sure if it is. For couples to sing. "Oatmeal – Pramote Patan" and a girl from outside the circle serving the airlines "Luang Chali", how many people liked it, but before the statue. Oatmeal Hertz I really do not doubt that I quit.

On November 7, 61, the reporter reported that "Licha chalisa" opened his mind in the IG "garazzier" that "when he said Larkin." He said it was us two, but what he is doing now is as if he's gone. The truth is that he is on the same line I want to explain the truth to everyone I know We do not like to lie Thank you for a warm family We have friends who love us And always encouraging We have good people around us That's enough. We keep it in silence #Anonymous # But the truth is true. "2-1-450x280_2

After the girl wrote a message, so many people sent her many incentives, and oatmeal had no movement.



Thank you photos and photos of IG garazziera.


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