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The government has voted again! Draft regulations for the meeting of the Council Node from the position of coordinator kg

Members of the government lose another vote Draft regulations of the Council meeting Retirement from the position of directorJoin the council

Government – At. 20.00 August 14 in parliament Meeting in the House of Representatives With Mr. Chuan Leekpai, chairman of the board acting as chairman of the meetingDraft regulations for the meeting of the House of Representatives Which KM has Mr. Wichian Chavalit, sat. Prach Ratana party He is the chairman of the commission (km.) Finished Which is being considered at the previous meeting

ByMr. Akaradej Wongpitakroj, Democratic Party Ratchaburi As the KMUTT minority said, in section 3 of Art. 12 draft Council Regulations The first has only a coalition government coordination committee (government), but the committee coordinating the opposition party has been set up. (Opposition whip) in the House of Representatives Which in the past was never an assisted state and was addedHouse of Representatives Coordinating Committee WhichSelected from 5 government whips, 5 opposition whips Who proposed to cut the benefits Because the benefits are already specified in art. 15, therefore other determination of benefits in art. 12 will not be needed.

SideMP Nikorn Jamong, list of names Chat Thai Pattana Party As a majority of KMUTT, he explained that the Coordination Committee of the Benefit Council Was Only a Meeting Attachment Including Royal Insignia Which Must Be Gradual

The assembly then voted in favor of amendment 448 votes by majority rejected, 7 votes abstaining.

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Later on Article 13 Regarding the retirement of the House of Representatives coordinating committee (1) The Council expires or the Council is dissolved or has no council for any other reason. By a minority, namely Mr. Adisorn Piangket and Mr. Chitchai Nikhom, MP, Udon Thani Party from Thailand. "Or there is no advice for any other reason" because it is a word that reflects the power or coup d'etat Because the council escapes there are 2 reasons in the constitution, that is, the end of the term and the dissolution of a parliament that has never been dissolved for any other reason. . Independent To protect institutions representing people

Then a resolution cameThe majority of votes at the meeting were 234 votes, agreeing to the truncation of these words in accordance with the minority opinion. While the voice supports the voice for most of the voice, only 223 sounds and 2 abstentions

It is believed that members of the coalition government voted for the second time to lose the opposition MP. The first is the resolution of the draft art. 9 item 1 meetings.

Then Chuan ordered the meeting to be closed. And postponing the next regulatory requirement on August 15

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