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The lost song of mother E teases the famous "Kwanjai Si Prachan" to the authentic sister "Kwanjit"

The most melancholic fans of the folk end the legendary song E-tease mother, the famous "Kwanjai Si Prachan", the true sister of Mae Kwanjit Si Prachan, founded in the temple of Phang Muang, praying for 7 days. August 24 is a cremation ceremony.

On August 21, 2019, Thai Rath Reporter received a notification from national artist Mae Khwan Chit Si Prachana. Mother Song E, famously teased as Kwanjai Sripachanueang or Mrs. Chamnong Thangkit, 69 years old, died peacefully at night on August 19 in the morning of August 20. At home No. 77, Moo 5, Subcategory Wang Nam, Si Prachan District, Suphan Buri Province At this time, the body was transported to the Phang Muang Temple, Wang Nam Sap District, Si Prachan District. Cause sadness for relatives And fans are very Temple has a group of fans and fans who know the news. Each of them gradually travels to the dead body throughout the day.

Kwanjit Sripajan revealed that her sister has been suffering from diabetes, pressure and blocking fat in blood vessels for many years. By relatives who help each other in the care and hospital on a continuous basis Until about 3-4 months ago, the symptoms began to get worse From food and lack of strength That is why I was asleep to heal Chao Phraya Yommarat Hospital Hospital for many days I can't help myself. The medical team has helped themselves with the best. But there was no answer

Accordingly, relatives agreed to take with him to take care of at home. Until the death of such a room On Friday, August 23, there will be more than 10 groups of folk artists such as Lek Dance, E-Saew Music, synonymous with Phet Suphan and Kwanjit Sripajan. Come to open the stage and mourn the temple. The purple funeral ceremony will take place for 7 nights, and the funeral ceremony will take place on Saturday, August 24 at 15.00.

As for the history of Kwanjai Si Prachan, the residents of the Si Prachan District in Suphan Buri Province have 3 brothers and sisters, namely Kwanjit Sripatchan, Kwanjai. There are twins, Mrs. Boonna Sripranan. All three people after finishing school, at the age of 4, began practicing playing E-tease songs from the age of 11, and for almost 60 years they dealt with the song E-Sae and performed E-tease songs at the royal headquarters of King Rama IX. In this showing each seat of the royal family Considered an artist who is the people of Suphanburi And the Thai people are praised for their mother, teacher, song E irritating Kwanjitem Sri Prachan Sister.

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