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There is no problem counting on "Pat". "Benz" has a new girlfriend, but please let me know.

"Patnapha" was worried that children are attacking friends at school Accept, using the methods of hitting the ball to teach Now do not hit and do not disclose for a long time. "Benz" will volunteer to pick up the child. The status is now clear. Only the father and mother left to help raise children, even without talking, without removing each other. I do not know if the other person already has a new one, but without a problem. Suffice it to say that's enough. Men have a difficult choice.

I need to raise the position of Maesai Strong for young women "Patnapha Tantakun" Really because apart from being a single mother. Still urgent. Take jobs all over the Kingdom. Including the main MC on many channels, the event and also a filmed clip on YouTube. Who recently held his beloved son "Nong Racing" Come to joinCrocs (Crox) introduces the new LiteRide Kids footwear collection In CentralWorld with her girlfriend Pat revealed that her son is now at school And there was not a single cry of his mother But worry is fighting with other friends

"At first I was excited. We felt that he shouldn't cry. He didn't really cry. Do you fancy singing? He wasn't crying at all. By the day of the meeting Pat's parents did not go, but his friends went. The teacher said that racing is very good at learning. This means that there will be no tears each morning that Pat sent. Nothing is so sleepy. But after reaching the front of the class He will know that he must say hello to his mother. Because the teacher had to chase us. Then he had to take off his bag, take off his shoes and go to class. There was no day that would cry for my mother. When it appears, it's normal. "

"I was initially worried. Worried about the fight (smile), I must honestly say that it is normal for everyone, everyone wants to play with him. But he never met the moment he wants to party and his friend leaves. He doesn't understand because he runs only towards anyone and everyone plays with him. When he was in the same age group Then there is no fun, he is pushing together, he pushes away Then we asked the teacher. The teacher told the breed, tried to hug. You want to play, but he doesn't play either. Okay, my mother's blood is very confusing But the teacher said, as usual, learning constantly will improve. He stayed for about four days, after which the teacher never again said that he was fighting. This week Pat went for him. Then Pat would ask the teacher every day, whether Nong FIGHT today or not. I'm worried about his friends. Do you understand the parents' society? Everyone loves their children. We are afraid that the Race will hurt friends. Then a friend sued his mother. Then there would be various problems. "

Accept the method of hitting the ball It was said when it was hit and remember Children will not do it anymore. And now it works Because there is no need to use the beat method
"You don't have to wait to get home. If one day the teacher tells you that there is a fight in the car, the race we have said many times, right? About the fight, he remembers. When he is in the company of friends, he will know what can be done and what cannot be done. Gently The first hit is Pat. I must say that the way of raising children in every home is convenient in this way. Pat was hit all the time. Because Pat is stubborn like him, the mother always beats and tells Pat to remember that if Pat is so stubborn, he must hurt. Pat won't chase Patty until he almost never hits him. Like Pat, just say "Mom, hit me" It will bother him that it hurts. Stop.

"And Pat won't have fun. Pat hit him to sing. How do you know The doctor said it really The doctor will not recommend it. But if Khun Pat decides to hit Then hit him to remember. Do not hit with a joke, because he thinks that we play with him, and bounces To this day Pat talked to him as an adult. Never hit him again Now I will say that if racing would do that, there are two things my mother won't talk to or my mother will defeat her with. He'll stop thinking both are wrong and then he'll stop. "

Disclosure of ex-husband "Benz Akkharakit Voraroj Charoendech" I have to go to school at some point, but not often
"Pappy, instead, he asked for pickup. Because we are in different homes And the child is with us He saw it before he went to school And the children are only goodbye Who thought he would like to go for more May pick up on Wednesday or on his free day Because he sees that he still has time to take children to meal Eat snacks before delivery to us, we are fine A lot of people who see a picture and say it's cute, right? At the moment we were trying to be friends, father, mother. Pat no longer expects it to be this way. Take what he does and then he will be happy and want to do better. We do not exclude that he will have to pick up this child today. If you want to come, say hi. What do you want to say? However, if we are comfortable, we can connect. "

"From time to time he will go for pickup. Maybe with work, mother and son. Joining us may be inconvenient Pat has not blocked it. Let's say, like today, Pat has an event and greets him, that he wants to come Pat let him come. Together to come to the event But he himself, who is clumsy and shy, so most did not come At that time I did not really go to school. With the morning program And then we calculated the Understand Ekkamai line, which in 5 minutes will go wrong, stop and sleep. So we have to rely on our elders. In the box with the words send it to me. Some days are the hardest for you and also delivered to the event. "

Speaking is harassing, afraid that children will easily go with others But try to get closer only to someone who will help to take the child
"He doesn't bother looking for his mother. Thread. This child never worries us. But the person who picked up and delivered Pat had to see that he was close. Like Jub on Channel 3, he had seen Race for the past 3 months, they adopted, are close, or like Jane, a close friend of Pat or Nong Nav (grandson), who goes to pick up and return. But if possible, Pat will try to do it himself. Asked if he was secretly afraid that it would be easy to be with other people. Scared. When we see the news, we stalk. When we move, we will be awake all the time. If we didn't go, we had to call Nafgen when we heard the news that the child had disappeared in a split second. And this child is a person who, when interested in something, will leave. Sometimes we have to keep an eye on it means it can't be cured again and again. "

"Always inform your child that it is prohibited" I told them until I knew what to say. We accidentally took him to work from an early age, so one day he got used to not knowing how many hundreds he met. But that doesn't mean that all the strangers are out and about. Would think. If she is not confident, he will ask her. "

Reveal relationship with "Benz" At the moment I have the status of mother and father. "Nong Racing" Only
"It should be clear Pat feels it should be getting clearer now. It means that we don't talk to each other. We don't want to say it. Don't come to sit down and clean Pat doesn't know why But we both decided not to talk about who you and I are. But just like devoting time to it, it shows that it is the conclusion of the two of us that this is how we will act as parents. And we two are still good friends to each other Which day he has a problem Every time he calls Pat. Or if Pat has any problems, Pat call him But we won't talk about weird things like lovers, no, but there will only be talks about children. That's why it's not often discussed. If there are no situations that need to be discussed, we will both not talk, see each other, make an appointment. "

You don't know if this person already has new people? But always open, just tell yourself There is definitely no personal self.
"Message that he has a new person? This one doesn't know either. Someone also asked Pat. But we don't know Because he never asked him, did he have something new? But without any problems Pat has already said that if there is something, say In case he had to take younger children to play, will he know if we have it will tell him? But we are here, he should already know easily. "

"But now for Pat. This means that we work hard. We enjoy work. I am happy to raise children. It is time for myself. The time to pick up the children is 11.00 – 13.00. Pat just took the time to buy things for children to prepare or deserve them. Or get job offers during this period. After admitting the children, go to school again. And Pat found only the same person Because Pat works like a regular job for 5 days, he will meet the same person I haven't found anything new, new people andPat thinks that people have children and it is not easy to meet someone who will love us. Do you love our child? I mean, does he have a choice Did he choose the previously chosen name? So I think it's not our time yet. And still nobody predicts our beauty. "

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