American sanctioning crisis


During the trial of Brother Brunson, the United States announced that he would impose sanctions, and in early August the US Treasury, Süleyman Soylu, Interior Minister and Abdulhamit Gül Justice Minister froze interest income from US assets and assets. The decision was made by US citizens forbidding any work done with these ministers.

The decision was met with the same response from Turkey, with response to sanctions by US President Erdogan in August again Interior Minister Kirstj Nielsen Justice Minister Jeff Sessions made a fortune frozen in Turkey.
After Brunson's brother was punished in court, relations between the two countries became normal after the house arrest ceased and returned home.


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In addition to the mutual statements, President Trump and President Erdoğan met on the phone twice. In the two countries' statements, they also said that sanctions were taken.

Finally, Monday, October 29 in the US, then the message of counterfeiting sanctions in Turkey. The day before that was the case with President Trump and President Erdoğan's telephone conversations.

Turkey received 16:30 the explanation of the decision must be taken simultaneously between the two countries. In this context, Senile Noble Americans and Hamid Gul Abdul Turkey Nielsen and lifted the sanctions on Sessions.


Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy responded to the question of resolving sanctions: as the requirement of the principle of reciprocity. US Secretary of State Jeff Sessions and US Homeland Security Secretary Kirsten M. Nielsen. The ban on Nielsen and Sessions was abolished


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