At the last minute … Minister of Albayrak inflation description!


Minister of Treasury and Finance Berat Albayrak, A Haber and A Para shared important statements in joint publication.

In terms of inflation "price behavior in November and December will normalize," said Albayrak in a statement on deposit rates will fall further, he said.

Albayrak's speech highlights the following issues:

– Inflation would be the most difficult month of September. We were told that she would find a way.

– The inflation prevention program is effective after the second half of the crop

– price behavior is normalized in November and December

– We are at the point where we will achieve our goals at the end of the year

– We are at the point where the trend is very positive

– The exchange rate of raw material prices has improved

– Many sectors, in particular food and clothing, have contributed to the anti-inflation program

– Positive process after costs will drop

– We still mark the full field game for the subsectors

– Turkey; foreign exchange, inflation and interest rate operations

– The process continues very strongly, with strong steps in a positive way

– The deposit rate will drop even more

– An attempt to reduce loan and interest costs

– We try not to jeopardize budget discipline

– The process of normalization and stabilization continues

– The share of exports in products, which we call areas of added value, is growing, this is an important change

– Fixed meetings for intermediate goods

– We will follow a more strategic path of export and import from 2019

– We will carry out strategic planning, which will be a priority for the exporter

– 2019 will be stronger and more positive

– Turkey has always raised the real sector, growth hormones have been

– We never popularized

– US relations with Turkey is based on many years of introducing normalization course quite natural

– It should be foreseen that further positive and positive actions will be continued

– A positive step in the lifting of sanctions

– I talked to our interlocutor (US and Halkbank process).

– (USA and Halkbank Process) We have found that Halkbank does not infringe sanctions in any way.

– We will see the process (US and Halkbank process) in the coming days and we will continue to follow closely

– Iran sanctions (US) information from us, especially in the field of oil and natural gas in the direction of obtaining that one of the 8 countries of Turkey


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