At the last minute … The Health Protection Act passed by Parliament


The law amending certain laws and decrees was adopted and accepted at the General Assembly of the Great Turkish National Assembly.

The law, license or non-licensed drug is not on the market in Turkey, with the consent of the Ministry of Health as a recipe for own use of the Turkish Union of Pharmacists (TEB) brings solutions to the lack of supply from abroad.

In addition to TEB, it will also be possible to supply medicines from abroad for private use by the Social Insurance Institution (SSI) and public institutions / organizations approved by the Ministry of Health, which will be transferred directly to patients.

In this way, the provision of medicines brought from abroad by hospitals will be provided.

For these medicines, the license will be submitted by the license / license holder within 3 years from the date of entry into the international pharmaceutical list, and the license will be issued within 2 years at the latest.

The chairman may decide to continue purchasing medicines for which no license application has been made or no license has been received.

Lek i MEDYCZNE Agency Turkey Penalties used in

right; There have been changes to the Act on Stores in which poisonous chemicals and chemicals used in the trade of pharmacy and in art and agriculture are sold.

Turkey sending to the local civil administration should be established from the time of penalties and late pharmaceuticals and the Agency of medical devices have the power to impose fines, in accordance with the law on nature and importance to ensure deterrent re-determined upper and lower limits of fines.

do not comply with the rules set out in the law and forbidden owners of pharmacy or responsible manager with art and agricultural work used poisonous and active ingredient to create a dealership, Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency, or up to 20 thousand pounds than 2,000 pounds by local major administrative fines to cut. If the ruling is repeated within a year, the penalty will be increased one time.

The time to apply for a license for medicines delivered abroad will start on the date of entry into force of the substance.

The principle that non-pharmacists can open a pharmacy by appointing a responsible pharmacist manager will also be submitted to companies to prevent collusion partnerships. Provided that a qualified pharmacist, one of the partners should be responsible for the company's affairs.


As a member of a terrorist organization, membership, membership or contact with them removed from the public office and a security investigation in connection with a public service are not accepted by state doctors, the decision to take them or 450 years after making a decision about the profession. In the case of an offer, this period was 600 days.

By fulfilling the obligation of the state, the period of service exempted from office will be shortened from this period.

Prior to the entry into force of the Oral Pathology or Doctoral Education Act, in persons who have started doctoral studies who have completed the training of dentists, oral pathology will receive a certificate of specialist knowledge in this field.

Prior to the entry into force of the substance from the dentist, medical pathology and cancer pathology in the field of doctorate and at least two years at home or abroad for three years in the field of oral pathology research, implementation and examination of those who submitted the documents, and will be able to submit application to the Ministry of Health to obtain a certificate of expertise within three months from the entry into force of the Regulation.

The Medical Council will evaluate applications within 6 months after the end of the application period. People with appropriate studies will receive a certificate of specialist knowledge in the field of oral pathology.

Oral pathology, a master's degree in dentistry and training Periods are added to the chart as a branch of specialization in dentistry.

To enable the licensing process for medical devices in a shorter time, the tests to be licensed may be carried out in laboratories authorized by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Health.

With a statement that it is not a preparation, but the diagnosis or treatment of diseases, the sale, marketing or advertising of any product will be sentenced to imprisonment from 1 year to 5 years.


The condition of doctors to get the doctor's consent to accept more than one doctor will be removed.

The amount of revolving funds granted to the central and regional organizations of the Ministry of Health may be increased by the President in each budget year. The amount of the revolving fund granted to the central and provincial organization of the Ministry will be 10 billion lira.

The accounting services of revolving business enterprises affiliated with the Ministry of Health will be maintained by the Ministry, but the accounting services of revolving fund enterprises proposed by the Ministry and approved by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance may be implemented by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance.


Those who illegally transmit, store, transport, use and store embryos and reproductive cells who buy, sell, act or act as brokers or intermediaries, or encourage, direct, advertise, advertise, If the judgment is not a crime requiring a more severe penalty, imprisonment from 3 to 5 years and a court fine from one thousand to two thousand days.

Organ donation and a reproductive therapy center will not be opened without the consent of the Ministry. Medical institutions and organizations acting in violation of the law and procedures and rules set by the ministry will be terminated or the operation will be canceled in the event of the nature and repetition of the act.



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