Sunday , August 1 2021

Breaking News … New information about the villas that met with a great response: Deadline is December 10th

On the Üçağız peninsula in the region known as “Kekova” in the district of Demre, a new event has taken place with the demolition of a seaside villa that was built on the site of an illegal building bought 10 years ago by British Cloudya Jamey Hankes. Following the complaint, the municipality of Demre sealed the construction of a villa on the south side of the peninsula opposite the port of Üçağız, which can only be reached by sea, but submitted an application to the Provincial Directorate for Environment and Urbanization on the basis of the Building Registration Certificate. The provincial management revoked the building’s registration certificate and sent a decision to the municipality of Demre to demolish it.


The decision made by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization was assessed at a council meeting chaired by Mayor Demre Okan Kocakaya.

According to this; It was decided to demolish the villa and impose an administrative penalty. It was then informed that the statutory 30-day deadline for its demolition would expire on December 10.

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In connection with the above, the invalidated Building Registration Certificate covers: Building No. 169, 27 m2, a single independent part, 6.5 m2 of energy room, 66 m2 of a one-story building, 15 m2 of kitchen area, 94 m2 of water tank, 161 m2 of surface. .

Breaking News ... New information about the villa which has met with a great response


Lawyer for construction and tourism company Eighty Five Ninety Five, Ahmet Berker, appealed to the Fourth Administrative Court in Antalya and opposed the Demre municipality’s decision to demolish an illegal villa. Therefore, the court’s assessment under the provisions of Art. 27, second paragraph, entitled “ Suspension of enforcement ” of Law on Administrative Jurisdiction No.2577, “ The execution of administrative procedures that are exhausted with implementation may be suspended without reconsidering the administration’s defense after defense ”. As a result, it was decided to defend the commune and suspend the execution until a new decision was made. “

Therefore, by the court’s decision of November 18, 2020, the Municipality of Demre was given 30 days to prepare documents and information during the defense.

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Breaking News ... New information about the villa which has met with a great response


Demre Mayor Okan Kocakaya of the IYI Party said: “We will have our papers ready and we will appeal next week against the court’s decision to suspend the execution. If the decision to suspend enforcement is lifted, the legal process will continue. It is a 1st degree natural area, Kaş-Kekova Special Environmental Protection Area. There is a breach of the coastline, moreover, the Provincial Directorate for Environment and Urbanization in Antalya canceled the “Building Registration Certificate” for this building, therefore our activity here as municipalities is to fulfill the legal instructions of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

Stating that new sections were built on the natural wonders peninsula during the pandemic process, Kocakaya said: “A ladder was built to get from the villa to the sea. A pier was built next to the ladder and a pergola-style structure for sitting, sunbathing and sun loungers was built to the left. A solar energy system of 40 panels has been installed ”.

Breaking News ... New information about the villa that has met with a great response

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