Tuesday , September 28 2021

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“To do this, especially in the young population, one shouldn’t worry too much. What increases the anxiety level is that the cough progresses with the fever and does not last for a few days. If it disturbs the patient’s general condition, is accompanied by chest pain and shortness of breath, or if it reappears later, the patient should consult a doctor immediately ”.

Düger stressed the importance of factors such as the onset of cough, sudden or gradual development, reclassification, and the presence of conditions affecting the cough.

Stating that eating, drinking water, lying on your back is also important, whether it shows the difference between day and night in cold weather or talking, Düger said, “Coughing with sputum, spitting blood, chest pain, shortness of breath, hoarseness, vomiting , dizziness is different. For example, a cough that starts in the morning after getting out of bed can be caused by smoking, chronic lung disease, sinusitis, cold allergy, bronchiectasis, and tuberculosis.

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