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Call Temella: Let's stand side by side

[Haber görseli]After the release of the mayors of Diyarbakıra, Mardina and Van, HDP VQA gathered extraordinarily. After the meeting, Temelli made a press statement at the HDP headquarters with FMC members and MPs. Temelli described the appointment of trustees of three metropolitan municipalities as a "civil coup" and said: "This morning we woke up again on a dark day. This ruling ACP-MHP bloc, Erdogan regime, Turkey has added a new page to the story of shame. Turkey August 19 has suffered a civilian blow to history, "he said.

Li They will fight on a democratic ground, said Li Temelli: "This attack is not only directed against HDP municipalities. This attack is an attack on people who have met in democracy. Municipalities designated as trustees; Diyarbakir, Van, Mardin, but Istanbul, Adana, the army, we are dealing with an attack against Turkey chosen nowhere. It is time to take the initiative for democratic policy. Now let's stand side by side with these usurpers, this empty policy

Iktidar A ruling politician who has become incapable of governing a country without a trustee says: Ben, I'm a little weak, I can't make it, Temel, Temelli said. even appointed trustees; but as we responded necessarily to all these practices, meeting on the basis of democracy on June 23, we will give it again. We will certainly ask what this power has done. Democracy will be won by fighting. We expect no democracy from anyone. They lost, they will lose again. We have won and will win again. "

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