Fenerbahce – Anadolu Efes: 86-79


In the fifth week of the Tahincioğlu Basketball Super League, Fenerbahçe was defeated by 86-79 in the elimination of Anadole Efes. After this result the leader of the Fenerbahce 5 5 league, and the fourth place of Anadol Efes was the second defeat.

Melih Mahmutoğlu & # 39; nun, starting from the three-point basketball, Fenerbahce, Moerman and Dunston, to produce a basket under the basket against Anadol Efes in the seventh minute, finished 18-15. Melli and Kalinic in the number of yellow and blue teams, maintaining the superiority of the first quarter, finished 26-23 in advance.

In the second quarter, when defense forces were hardened, Guduric scored a 7-point difference in the 15th minute. Yellow-blue team, which increased the pace in the game, in the 17th minute changed the difference to two figures (40-30) with Ahmet Sengeri. Although Anadolu Efes reduced the numbers of Sertaç Şanlı to single digits, Fenerbahçe went to locker room 44-40.

In the second half both teams failed to score in the first 4 minutes of the quarter. Anadolu Efes is caught equal (44-44) in the 25th minute with a three-point Beaubois cart. Fenerbahce, supporter of the Vesely & # 39; in field in an effective game, won the 8-0 series and again took the lead in the 27th minute: 52-44. The number of guests from Dunston with the difference melting the yellow and blue team, the last period is 57-53.

Anadolu Efes started well in the offensive in the last quarter and took the lead in three minutes by Doğuş Balbay in the 33rd minute: 59-60. Balancing the game, Fenerbahce, Vesely & in the bottom of the pool 36 minutes 69-65 better numbers completed. Dunston and Moerman scored free throws in a series of free throws in the face of the return of the opponent to the attack, Anadolu Efes took the lead in the 39th minute: 69-70. Yellow-blue team, Kalinica three-point basket, 19 seconds before the end of normal time, continued: 72-70. Numbers Larkin & # 39; le producing free throws of the guest team, the match ended 11 seconds before the end of equality (72-72) caught. The normal duration of the match ended with the score 72-72, and the competition continued.

Starting the extension of Sloukas' 6-0 series with internal and external projections, Fenerbahçe increased the gap to 6 points (78-72) in the 42nd minute. The three-point core of Moerman's point, the bottom of Larkin, with the numbers found in Anadolu Efes, 44 minutes the difference was reduced to 2 points: 81-79. Free kicks still dominate in the number of free Fenerbahce, 86-79 winners left the pitch.


Hall: Ülker Sport and events

Judges: Emin Moğulkoç, Ziya Özorhon, Kerem Baki

Fenerbahçe: Sloukas 16, Melih Mahmutoğlu 11, Kalinic 17, Vesely 14, Ahmet Düverioğlu 4, Ali Muhammed 12, Egehan Arna, Sinan Guler, Melli 6, Guduric 6

Main trainer: Zeljko Obradovic

Anadolu Efes: Micic 10, Larkin 8, James Metecan Birsen, Moerman 18, Dunston 16, Ahmet Buğrahan Tuncer 2, Doğuş Balbay 9, Sertaç Şanlı 4, Beaubois 12, Birkan Batuk

Leader: Ergin Ataman

Period 1: 26-23

2. Period: 44-40

3. Period: 57-53

4. Period: 72-72

Extension period: 86-79

5 Faulles From the game: 41.50 Melli (Fenerbahce); 41.06 Micic (Anadolu Efes)


Fenerbahce continued in the potada series

Tahincioglu Basketball Super League in the field during the week Anadolu Efes in 72-72 ending the period ending with match 86-79 Fenerbahce, defeated the league series in the league 62 games.

The sports and entertainment hall Ülker was a place of great confrontation. Equality in the normal match time did not interrupt the match period of 86-79 minutes, in which the player defeated the opponent in the yellow-lacivertliler field, adding a new winning field.

Last defeat from the hosts in the league on October 26 2015 Fenerbahce against Konyaspor Torku, then he played to win the match 62 knew.

Fenerbahce unspecified

Fenerbahce, this season's league match was able to win.

Yellow-lacivertliler, Tahincioğlu Basketball Super League is the only undefeated team. Anadolu Efes scored the second defeat in the league and in total.

Anadolu Efes defeated for the first time this season

Fenerbahçe defeated Anadolu Efes for the first time this season.

Fenerbahce at the beginning of the season, 65-62 defending his opponent in the Presidential Cup, the Turkish Airlines League, also lost to the white cards in 89-83.

This season for the third time the two teams faced in this match, the smiling side was yellow-lacivertliler.

Ergin Ataman's longing persists

Anadolu Efes's head coach Ergin Ataman and Fenerbahce can not win for a long time.

Ataman won the last prize at Ülker Sports and Event Hall on May 9, 2012. When he was at the controls of Beşiktaş, he also lost 16 games from Galatasaray and Anadol Efes with 2 others.

Koray Şener is not forgotten

Respect for supporter Fenerbahce Koray Sener, who lost his life before the match.

Sports Toto Super League Fenerbahce Galatasaray played in a derby match with the Turkish Telecom Stadium, who had a heart attack and died in the hospital Koray Şener, Ülker Sports and Activity Hall has not been forgotten.

Before the meeting in the room of the giant screen, photographs of Koray Şener & # 39; Yellow-blue players in the field Koray Şener & # 39; in photo "We will not forget" appeared on the banner. Behind the section in which the leadership of the yellow-blue team is located, there is a photo of Koray Şenera and a banner with the inscription "We are in our heart".

Ali Koc followed the match from the hostel

The president of Fenerbahce Ali Koc and deputy Semih Ozsoy did not leave the team alone.

Coach and Özsoy, who supported the yellow team in a critical league match, followed the competition from the lodge.

The fans showed a lot of interest

The yellow and blue supporters, played by Anadol Efes, enjoyed great interest.

The yellow and blue fans who filled most of the competition in the competition supported the teams.


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