Wednesday , January 20 2021

He was only 20 years old … Burcu Usanmaz died of coronavirus

Burcu Usanmaz, who works for a private company in Ankara, came to the hospital with flu symptoms about 20 days ago. The Covid-19 test on Usanmaz at the hospital was positive. Usanmaz, who was taking medication at home, was taken to hospital by ambulance after his condition worsened a week ago. Usanmaz, who was treated in the hospital for 6 days, died despite the intervention of doctors. Usanmaz’s body was buried in Ankara yesterday.


The death of a young girl saddened her family, relatives and friends. Uncle Yunus Usanmaz stated that Burcu did not suffer from any known disease, “He was sick about 20 days ago. We suspected the flu. We went to the hospital with symptoms and tested positive for the coronavirus. Although the test was positive, hospital officials sent Burcu to his home. Time is up. His condition worsened a bit, this time we went to the hospital by ambulance, he was in the hospital for about 6 days, Burcu had no known disease.

‘NO ONE’ WILL SAY ‘Nothing’ will happen ”

Yunus Usanmaz, explaining that they do not know where Burcu got the virus from, said: “We, as his family, had a coronavirus test, we all tested negative. We don’t know if Burcu got the virus from outside, from the market or from a shopping center. Burcu’s body was a little weak. Whether everyone is given the same drug, the body is not the same. Nobody should say “I’m going to be fine.” Our child was 20 years old. Everyone’s body is not one. We are confused. “he said.

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