Mysterious incident in Başakşehir … Enigmatic …


A mysterious case in Başakşehir
The mother's school children's car was hit by a bullet
The incident took place during the passage of judges and prosecutors

ISTANBUL – Başakşehir, allegedly carried out by judges and prosecutors during a service performed by an unidentified person or a person in an armed attack belonging to a citizen's civil vehicle, arrived. When the globe came out of the mother's windscreen that took her children from school, the family returned from the threshold of the crash.
The incident took place at 17:00 in the Başakşehir Başak district on the 10th street Başakşehir Şehit Muhammed Eymen. Demirci Elementary School took place at the front. Apparently, the primary school Başakşehir Şehit Muhammed Eymen Demirci was held in front of the mother and driver of the ANC 721 in front of elementary school, leading judges and prosecutors in the armed attack of an unidentified person or persons who took the children from school. After the incident, the prosecutors continued their official path, the vehicle driver and the mother of the vehicle hit by accident, without being hurt by accident. After the incident, the mother was shocked and went to the Police District in the Başakşehir district. Teams have begun extensive research to determine if the incident is a deadly missile. In a statement to the police, the judge told me that when the judges and prosecutors passed, she heard gunshots and then hit the vehicle.


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