New transport methods, very convenient for Turkey


founder Yandex and CEO Arkady Volozhin, want to invest in Turkey, but as the main goal in Russia, where he was to provide services to consumers, he said: "For example, not in the Istanbul exchange car. There is already a new method of transport, also for Turkey. It would be very convenient, "he said.

Turkish company and world-wide brands, creative sectors that combine the inspirational name of the project and the Istanbul Week brand, Usta began in PSM.

Yandex founder and Arkady Volozh general director, "Borderless Brand Yandex" session, the country opened many opportunities after 1991, work done in the economic field to increase the work done for education, he said.

"I am used to such a life and I still live with how I live before, it is important that now I have more freedom: by choosing a metro for transport, you can also understand the rhythm of life here. I use a taxi and now the use of sharing vehicles becomes common, we have initiatives in this area, "he said.

Yandex around the world, known as the Russians Google, perhaps the work that has been done to tell people about Volozhu: "Actually, we went before Google in 1997. But what we've done in the last 10 years to explain it is simple way." Uber & # 39; i, Alibaba, Amazon also called, so you can tell people what you do in an easy way. "used expressions.

Volozhin, recalling that the Yandex trip began in 2011 in Turkey, as follows:

"For us, we take a look at the economic and technological viewpoint Turkey has a huge market. It was also a market available. Europe, Germany, you can go to the United States, but it would be a great risk, without much experience. When he first came to Istanbul and the Bosporus When I saw the rhythm of the city, I said, "I can start here." We wanted to try our services here.

After the antitrust process, we can offer our applications for Android devices. But by August, Yandex could not use any application for Android phones. Now it has changed. Now we will see extensions here. We will begin to offer new services that will affect our strategy. But even without this access point, applications have become very popular. "

To help people on the road, the YandexNavi application developed in 2006-2007, said Volozh, also work in the field of non-driver vehicles, artificial intelligence systems, he said.

Finding that Yandex is very different today from 5 years ago, Volozh said:

"Yandex was just a search engine, but today when you look at it, the models do not come from the search engine, the values ​​are in different places, we can not say that most of our revenues come from these markets, but these are very fast growing markets, Yandex Taxi or sharing vehicles is a growing market. "

Looking at the last quarter of 2018, Volozh said that Yandex's annual growth rate was 40 percent.

"We have not seen such an increase since 2012. We are talking about a 40% increase in 2012. When our revenues now amount to half a million dollars, revenues continue to grow because we are no longer only in the advertising market, but we also help people in their daily lives in We would like to create the best Turkish-speaking assistant, the name Alisa in Russian Alisa.Alisa, not only read the text in. What can say very limited Microsoft or Apple assistants? Programmers put some text If you ask a question other than them, they will not be able to answer and ours is much slower, he trained the assistant, first we read classic literature such as Pushkin, Tolstoy, Chekhov, he became a very pessimistic assistant. information about social media. That's good. "We fed it with sources hence, he became an intelligent, intellectual and the best assistant. "

"Sharing a car can give you much better results"

Volozhin, constantly asked him: "Are you planning to invest in Turkey?" Noticing that the issue does not like, "Because investing is not supposed to pay money. Can we create more services in Turkey? However, new currency growth, can you say for everyone? Of course, we want to invest in Turkey, but our main goal is when the consumer Like in Russia, we have the largest fleet of vehicles in Moscow, the largest in Europe and a fleet of 10,000 vehicles, only in Moscow. new transport method. it will be very convenient for Turkey. Because here the situation of a taxi is very very limited, strict regulations. Carsharing can give much better results here. "he expressed his opinion.

Volozhin, the services sector in Turkey, logistics, trade, said in a much better situation than many markets.

"90 percent of data has been created in the last 18 months"

In his speech entitled "Artificial Intelligence and Big Data at Work", Strategy and Technology Consultant Bernard Marr talked about how great data and artificial intelligence have changed the world.

Deneyim This industrial revolution has generated an information boom, we have experienced something similar before, we have never experienced it before, we produce very large amounts of data. We want to increase. " He said.

Marr, 90 percent of the data has been created in the last 18 months, 5 zettabile data, 50 zettabite to reach a 4-5 year period, he said.

"Access to data is unlimited thanks to cloud technologies, and new data can be generated using these data," he said. "The new revolutionary platforms created by artificial intelligence are extremely important: I believe artificial intelligence was one of the greatest innovations humans have ever invented. Artificial intelligence has existed for the last 50 years, but the way we use artificial intelligence has changed," he said. .

"People leave too many imprints behind them"

Head of Informatics Privacy Group, Imperial College London, Assoc. Dr. Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye also spoke about privacy on his computer entitled "How to use data without compromising privacy in the digital era".

Montjoye said that in today's world people leave behind not only physical fingerprints, but also many fingerprints, and fingerprints left in the digital world have also shaped digital technologies.

Montjoye said that when something is searched on the phone or the Internet, it is possible to understand people and societies on a certain scale using these data.

Montjoye, today speaking about the world, more sensitive data at an individual level, especially about privacy difficulties and data confidentiality should also be discussed highlighted the need for discussion.

Touching his work on data security, Montjoye said that information collected from mobile phones in his country of Belgium can be used to monitor the movements of people, and that the data was anonymous because he did not know who his cell phone was.

Montjoye, this concept of anonymisation, data protection is a bit devaluing.

"Brands will cooperate with neuroscientists in 10-15 years"

Moran Cerf, professor of neuroscience and management at the Kellogg School of Management, stressed in his speech entitled 'Use neuroscience, meet consumers and know yourself';

Thanks to some of the tools used in the field of neuroscience, it is possible to reach the thoughts of people in the internal world, reaching out to things they do not even know: Cerf explained what companies can achieve by gaining access to these internal thoughts.

Cerf, who is the individual, his decisions, thoughts, desires, passions expressed in the brain, which Cerf expresses, but few know how the brain works, he said.

You can reach neuroscience with the tools provided to the brain, people love what they like and can not understand, pointing to Cerf, "When people can not protect the brain when they sleep," he said.

He explained that neuroscientists can change the behavior of people, direct them in one way or another, or persuade them to take action. Product managers and marketing managers need to know these tools.

Over the next 10-15 years, Cerf added that brands will work with neuroscientists to change people's thoughts and manage their perceptions.


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