Nilgün Bodur called for a live broadcast: I also saw violence


Nilgün Bodur, made a statement regarding the incident in the live broadcast of Ahmet Kural-Sıla.

Nilgun Bodur, "I also saw violence in the last relationship, six months after the abolition of violence." Violence begins to see women. he stops at what he thinks. "find in the description.

Nilgün Bodura's former lover, Gökhan Bey, connected to the live broadcast on the phone, saying: "There is no violence against men, not women, they can not use me for their ads, why did they wait for two months?" Nilgün Bodur was a person who used alcohol and anti-depression. "Twice my neck, wrapped by my friends, I am the father of three children, I am a businessman, I have a social environment, I could not go to work for 10 days, I received a report on assault, Nilgun he brought me home. "


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Nilgün Bodur responded to the claims of his ex-boyfriend:

"I did not even raise my hand, I apologize for what a man did, you are afraid of life when you experience violence, and he says:" I have an environment. "The ex-wife of Gökhana decided to leave, I hold his chin, I received a report of assault that he got a report about assault, I give the hospital to court, kicked my dog ​​to my blind dog, what a report of assault?


"He cursed me from my neighbors. We can go through all difficult times. Anger control can be a problem with people. I broke my phone, forgive her. More violence has caused you to forgive. Susman should be in this situation. "I will humiliate you throughout Turkey," he said. I wonder who would be discredited in this case? I wanted to leave Turkey when these events took place. "


I am not a person who uses emotions. I hope this is a lesson. Of course, men regret after violence. Thanks to social media, I now have life as I imagined. Today in this program I have washed away my two-month tears. She tossed a steel towel next to my neighbor. Somebody can curse me, but "who are you to write a book?" It should not be. We must not forgive violence. "

Seda Akgül combined live video from Nilgün Bodur to the phone:

Akgül, "a woman who used anti-depression and alcohol to say even violence, I was exposed to violence on the part of my first wife, I also got a coup report … What if we silence other women?" Insults and disobedience of Gökhan Bey they can not treat you like that, something I did not refer to him, the power that he wants to apply is the same power, I do not believe in men anymore, women support women.


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