Pregnancy Cervical Cancer


Tülay Çimen, who has been living in Siirt for five years, has a child living in Siirt.

Tülay Çimen, who lived for five years in Siirt for having a child, was shocked by his life when he learned that he had an uterine disease at the hospital where he was under treatment. Cimont, who was diagnosed with a cancerous disease when he was expecting children, was named Assoc. Dr. Hakan Coxüer's treatment of both pregnant and surviving the uterus cancer.

Tülay and Mehmet Cimen, who lived in Siirt and married five years ago, have decided to receive IVF treatment if they can not normally have a baby. The patient, who went to many childcare centers, had a shock of their lives when they learned that Tülay Çimen had cervical cancer at the hospital for the last treatment. Couple of cancerous cats waiting for a child, on request, Diyarbakir, Obstetrics and IVF Specialist Assoc. Dr. Hakan Coxer came to the clinic. Tülay Çimen, Assoc. Dr. Coksüer applied acupuncture and egg detox treatment to get pregnant and get rid of the uterine cancer.

"They said I should be pregnant to beat cancer."

Tülay Çimen, who was said to have received many treatments for children and most recently cancer in the hospital, said, "I must be pregnant to beat the uterus cancer, first I wanted to imagine, the doctor first suggested vaccination, did not respond well I suddenly realized that I was pregnant and learned that I was pregnant and I'm pregnant and can not describe my pleasure, my child has saved cancer and is a joy to our home, "I said.

"We've seen the progression of the disease"

Women's Birth and IVF Specialist Assoc. Dr. Dr. Hakan Çoksüer, at the cancer diagnostic clinic, who expresses the "patients who have been treated in many places but the treatment failed and more and more progress has been made with the disease." Of course, for us, the primary role of the treatment of uterus is that pregnancy is fast, It has been said that the uterus should be removed with the progression of the disease and the patient was told that the uterus is needed when it is accepted and it would make it impossible to the child should have a serious psychological burden. We got fast post pregnancy without getting uterus and using both eggs for detox treatment and acupuncture treatment. The patient was a serious psychological burden. Beat. Secondly, the quality of the egg has improved. Third, in uterine patients, when looking at these ultrasound patients, the uterus is irregular. The acupuncture treatment of the uterus membrane and ultimately the immune system strengthens the uterus wall to preserve the embryo we tried to provide. We tried to provide these four effects with acupuncture. Antioxidant treatments were also provided. This success was achieved by the patient's specific treatment. The patient is now very psychologically happy. It was very happy for the patient to get pregnant quickly without taking Rahmi. I suggest that couples do not postpone their children. Sometimes health conditions prevent children's lives, "he said.


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