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Şok Aktüel November 25, 2020 The catalog is published! What are the discounts on cleaning products and personal care products this week in shock?

The wick of a big discount in the shock market Şok Market is about to light up, which announces big discounts in the current product catalogs that it publishes every week, will re-sign the campaign in question. Hundreds of product groups and discounts every week Shock current There are unmissable deals that are offered to consumers through directories! What’s on the Şok market discount list of November 25, 2020? We’ve been looking for you, what to expect in the campaign of the week.

Shock this week will be discussed again with the discounts it will provide on quality products! Shock current As part of this week’s campaign folding bed 179 TL, floor lamp with 3 legs 49.95 TL, glass pendant lamp 32.95 TL, 3-tier metal shelf 29.90 TL, bronze LED decorative lighting 39.95 TL, bulb LED filament Orbus 19.95 TL, Paşabahçe 3-piece Snowbox storage box set 24.95 TL, Paşabahçe plate Deep 22 cm 9.99 TL, Paşabahçe cake plate 19.5 cm are just some of the discounted products that will be offered for sale at TL 7.99.


Dinner plate Paşabahçe 22 cm 10.95 TL

Jug by the bed Paşabahçe 14.95 TL

Paşabahçe Soft Drink Cup 3 with TL 19.95

Paşabahçe water glass, 3 pcs 14.95 TL

Paşabahçe tea glass, 6 pcs. 21.95 TL

Paşabahçe Carafe silicone coated 1260 cm3 17.95 TL

Rectangular pot Paşabahçe 29.95 TL

A bowl with a foot Paşabahçe 1710 cm3 27.95 TL

Square Lunch Box 2.99 TL

Bucket with chips / corn 2200 ml 3.99 TL

Mixing jug with a lid 3.5 liters 9.99 TL

Wooden cutting board / presentation tray 6.99 TL

2 liter hot water bag 11.95 TL

Egg storage container 24 pieces 6.99 TL

189 TL men’s casual coat

Polar 12.95 TL single pants

Women’s scarf Etole 12.95 TL

Microfiber double duvet 59.90 TL

Single Microfiber Duvet 49.95 TL

Silicone micro cushion 13.95 TL

Panduf bracelet with a child 11.95 TL

Kids’ plush hat with 14.95 TL headphones

Bandana 9.99 TL

Bedside lamp Bee Figured 27.50 TL

Finish Quantum Max Tablet 15’li 15 TL (Valid when purchasing 25 TL or more)

Pınar cottage cheese 750 gr 15 TL (Valid when purchasing 25 TL or more)

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