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Tesla placed a microchip under the skin

Amie DD, a biohacker enthusiast who adapted technology products to his body, shared a video showing all stages of the process on social media.

Amie DD has installed all the functions of an electronic key the size of a credit card belonging to the car brand Tesla Model 3 to the chip used in mobile phones. The xNT NFC chip, covered with biological glass and only 12 mm in size, was then placed under the skin of the right wrist Amie DD by a tattoo master.

However, this process brought some questions. Viewers on the Internet commented on whether this is necessary. Because someone who takes their cell phone with them, but forgets about the car card at home, can open the car with the chip inside the device.


The use of RFID circuits that do not require batteries and which contain a micro antenna, for employees of a company called Epicenter in Stockholm, Sweden, was the subject of controversy.

In August 2013, the artist Anthony Antonellis paved the way for recording and storing artworks on a smartphone using an RFID chip that he placed in his hand.

In 2014, however, they wondered if microchips were a treacherous plan to control society under the name of a life-saving invention, such as the presence of missing children.

Tesla placed a microchip under the skin

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