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Turkcell's telephone rental period has begun


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Turkcell has begun to offer its corporate clients mobile phone rental services. The project, which started in the first phase with a mobile phone, will cover tablets and computers in the future.

Details of the new solutions developed by Turkcell for digitizing companies were announced at a meeting with Ceyhun Özat, Executive Vice President of Turkcell Corporate Sales.

Therefore, as part of the newly developed project, companies can now rent cell phones from Turkcell. The project, which was first launched on mobile phones, will soon include tablets and network devices.

In addition, Financell will grant a digital conversion loan to companies that want to buy cell phones, tablets, computers and many other products.

Özata providing information on the project, individuals as well as institutions in Turkey as they play a leading role in the digital transformation, indicating he said:

"Thanks to the equipment rental project we have implemented, we are beginning the rental period for companies using special mobile phones. In this way, by providing convenience to companies, we also provide a cost advantage of up to 30 percent. In addition, we implement a special credit system for corporate companies that want to buy instead of renting. I would like to emphasize that you can get a loan not only for a product, but also for a service.


Answering journalists' questions at the end of the meeting, Özata said that the lease agreement is valid for 20 years and more in the current model and that this number will be withdrawn in the coming days.

Özata said: "The limit may vary depending on the company's content. Parallel to the company's credibility, "he said when determining the upper and lower limits of the loan.

Özata said the equipment that ended the rental period will be returned to the companies and that insurance costs are included in the insurance.

Özata said that the rental project, which is currently valid for 21 models of 3 brands of phones, may become widespread in the coming period according to consumer demand.


On the other hand, Financell will provide financial support for companies that want to receive technology products and services from October.

Financell Digital Transformation Financing will finance the exchange of many technology products, such as smartphones, tablets, servers and computers.

Financell & # 39; den companies that receive financial support and are directly owners of technology products, paying up to 36 months in installments, will have an advantage over time.

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