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Where did Yahşi West retire? Yahşi Batı theme and actors …

Yahşi Batı combines fantastic and comedy elements and puts them in a laughing adventure with the signature of Cema Yılmaz. What is the subject of the Yahşi Batı movie with forgotten lines and interesting examples of humor? Who is the cast of Yahşi Batı? Where was the Yahşi movie?

By introducing another dimension to the comedy genre, Yahşi Batı was also admired for appearing as a cowboy city. So where was the Yahşi Batı movie? What about Yahşi Batı? Who is the cast of Yahşi Batı?

WHERE WILD WEST is discontinued?

Location Yahşi Batı, Kemerburgaz Madenler was taken in the city of çiftalan.


Saint Vefa and Lemi Galip, two secret police who decided to bring the US president a special gift from Osman, were robbed. To steal the diamond stolen by the Seers, two of them who remained in America are struggling to get to countless jobs.


Cem Yilmaz: Aziz Bey
Ozan Guven: Lemi Bey
Bunch of Evgar: Susan Van Dyke
Zafer Algöz: LLoyd
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Cansu Dere: Mary Lou
Bünyamin Durgut: A cowboy washing his horse
Yılmaz Köksal: Sheriff Ceko
Johnny Lesh: Mehmet Ppolat
Mary Ann: Demet Tuncer
Sheriff Murphy: Süleyman Turan

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