Sunday , January 17 2021

Who won the MasterChef award? Here is the name of the winner of the MasterChef 25K TL cash prize on November 24 and a summary of the last episode

The MasterChef cash prize winner was announced during the final of the last episode. MasterChef, experiencing the rewards of the new brawl in section 107 Ugur in Turkey, on November 24, Serhat, marbled and remaining Concrete Final, said goodbye to the red team awards. The name, which made the best tart with forest fruit among the competitors, was entitled to receive 25,000 at the end of the night. TL. The debate between Eray and Barbaros was marked by a nightly fight for the prize. So who won the MasterChef award? Here’s the name that won the MasterChef 25K TL cash prize on November 24th and what happened in the final episode.

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