Yusuf Harputlu: My cousin is not


Yusuf Harputlu on this topic published in Channel D & # 39; 2. The website "program, connecting with the phone, commented." Harputlu denied the reports of the beating of two women.

Here are the explanations about Yusuf Harputlu:

"First of all, I want to tell you what I did, that I did something like that?" I would like to ask you for an apology. Is there a recording from the camera that I made this event? Is there such a thing? First of all, I'm not married. I always said women are a sensitive flower.


"My cousin's name is Serdar, he looks exactly like me. I've seen these messages from my uncle, I know this event. My uncle told me that it just happened, they think I'm this guy all over the world I did not go, I do not know where are you talking. "


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