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"Dance for a dancer in the world" (video)

Dina said: "Last time she visited Syria in 2010, she had many belly dancing events." The Syrians are like belly dancing in the Egyptians. "

"I danced for the world more than I danced, and life gave me many beautiful things. I am optimistic and I do not need an easy journey, "she said during a meeting with the" Story of Dream "program.

"I've had a difficult childhood, so I've achieved success. There are many intellectuals and intellectuals who have experienced a difficult childhood, and I need and bring up in my childhood the absence of my mother next to me. 15 years. "

I was born in Italy and lived there for 5 years. After our return to Egypt, my mother separated from my father. When everyone got divorced, I thought her dead.

"Dance was a dream of my age and I started to dance folk art. I am 9 years old, I participated in a school group, and then joined the youth and sports team, and then to the folkloristic team in Reda. "

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