Hollywood stars headed by Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt have allied themselves with Trump. Footage – Egypt now


Hollywood stars headed by Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt have allied themselves with Trump

In an undisclosed alliance, Hollywood stars, including Julia Roberts, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Oprah Winfrey and others, agreed to oppose President Donald Trump and his politics, calling on American voters to vote against the Republican Party in mid-term parliamentary elections. a real test of Trump's presidency and political and economic decisions taken in the past period, in particular his anti-immigrant positions, which sparked heated debate in American society.
Oprah Winfrey confirmed her support for Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams, who was famous for her war against Vietnam in the 1970s, and appealed to Americans to recognize the importance of voting in parliamentary elections. "The results of these choices will determine whether we can continue to define ourselves as a democratic society that can live in harmony with all its different races and races.

George Clooney Charlize Theron and Julia Roberts have announced voluntary participation in the YouTube program "Telethon Across America", which is broadcast for two hours a day to encourage everyone to vote against Republican candidates in mid-term elections, in particular to voters who participate for the first time. In the voting process.
Recent surveys suggest that Trump's popularity may fall dramatically due to his controversial views and policies on issues such as immigration and refugees, as well as his positions of Hollywood stars that can affect his future.
American newspapers reported that the number of voters increased significantly after pop star Taylor Swift supported the Democratic Party candidate Phil Presidna in her hometown of Tennessee, with over 1 million voters, three times the number of voters who voted before the parliamentary election in 2014.

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