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Lack of sleep leads to serious health problems!


Lack of sleep leads to serious health problems!

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Lack of sleep can increase the risk of obesity, which intrigued health experts who shed light on the nature of this relationship.

It is well known that sleep contributes to the repair of the brain and is important for the health of the entire body.

"Many studies have found a direct relationship between sleep deprivation and obesity," said Shivani Rajdev, dietician. "Insomnia leads to low energy, as well as hormones, such as elevated levels of ghrelin, which increases appetite and promotes fat storage. Sleep also leads to a reduction in insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance, as well as an increased level of cortisol, all of which are directly related to obesity. "

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A study published in the BMJ found a close association between sleep deprivation and obesity in adults.

A recent study by the National Institutes of Health of the National Medical Library reviewed recent evidence combining low sleep time and poor sleep quality with obesity, with particular emphasis on adult research.

The study showed that lack of sleep affects energy balance, increasing expenses and affecting calories.

It increases drowsiness and fatigue resulting from stable behavior, and thus reduces energy expenses associated with exercise. Good sleep is just as important as regular exercise and a healthy diet.

When it comes to enough sleep at night, people should try to increase exposure to bright daylight, reduce exposure to blue in the evening and reduce caffeine intake, sleep and wake up at fixed times.

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