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Microsoft updates the Edge browser and tests the search function in Windows 10

Washington – agencies

Microsoft has updated the appearance of its Edge browser based on the Chrome version.

According to the Verge website, a new logo, which is in the form of the letter e in a browser game for the latest versions of Canary, but a different design than the previous one used to mark the browser browser, because it is clear that Microsoft would like to show it in accordance with other logos.

The e-wave looks like a big change in Microsoft's approach to the new era of browsing, while Microsoft launched the Edge beta version for Windows 10 months ago, and then released it for Windows 7 and Windows 8 when it also became Available for macOS.

The company has also introduced a new update for users of Windows 10 that provides a quick search for certain items, providing ready-made buttons to choose instead of typing the searched words each time.

According to the official Microsoft blog, when you click the search bar, the user will notice the appearance of a set of quick shortcuts, such as weather search and forecasts, the latest news, happened on that day, news about new videos and other, and when you press an option such as weather, Will be displayed directly on the same search page, with the option of opening it on a regular full website.

Microsoft is expected to introduce these features in Update 1809 in the first half of next year. This feature is currently being tested in beta for US users and will be available worldwide.

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