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Or a heart attack because of math

A 36-year-old Chinese woman suffered a heart attack because her son did not understand her explanation of how to solve a mathematical problem while doing homework.

According to a recent media report in China, Chinese woman Wang was taken to hospital on November 1 after having a heart attack while doing homework with her 9-year-old son. Published by news site 24.

The mother tried with the child many times, but she did not understand how to solve this problem, which upset her very much, and her heart began to beat quickly and became breathless.

Fortunately, Wang quickly realized that she had a serious health problem, she called her husband, who dumped her in the hospital, where the doctors diagnosed her with a myocardial infarction, and said that she was lucky that she arrived at the hospital so quickly.

Wang, who is still recovering in the hospital, admitted that she was angry because her son did not understand her explanation, but she never imagined that her anger would have serious consequences for her health.

Although frustration and anger can cause a heart attack, they can have other causes, such as malnutrition and an unstable lifestyle, according to the Odity Central website.


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