Seoul and Washington continue their joint training


South Korean military officials said on Wednesday
On Sunday, South Korea and the United States will continue this week with a naval exercise,
The report said it delayed the easing of North Korean tensions
Reported by South Korean news agency Yonhap.

The navy forces of the two countries are beginning to train
A two-week joint meeting will take place in the south-eastern city of Pohang
The training of the South Korean navy is 500 soldiers and the third reconnaissance force
From the US Marines in Okinawa.

The Korean Maritime Training Program (KEMP)
It has been suspended for six months since May last since the two countries began diplomatic efforts with Korea

The two allies planned for 19 rounds
From the 2018 KEMEP training from October 2018 until September 2018, but it was made
It is only in 11 rounds since the two alliances will plan 24 training programs in 2019 until 2018
By September 2019, according to the South Korean Marines, in parliament
On October 19.

These exercises were carried out 14 times
2016 and 17 times in 2017.

A South Korean navy officer said
"KMEP training begins in November according to the Korean annual plan
South America, an annual tactical training for joint forces that maintain our position
Common Protection ".


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