Start accepting applications from residents to participate in the "Beyond the Show" – Best Dubai program


Abu Dhabi, 5 November (WAM) – StartAid – innovation platform
And Entrepreneurship at the University of New York in Abu Dhabi – and with the support of Tamkeen
Receive applications from UAE residents to participate in the second version of "Ma
For the performance "from today.

The competition program dedicated to the support of start-ups was welcomed in cooperation with
Ministry for Climate Change and the Environment and the Global Institute of Green Growth for residents
In the state between 18 and 25 years of age, to apply for participation in
This version.

The "Beyond presentation" program takes place in the second edition this year under the slogan "
"Sustainability" continues to employ young talents in the entrepreneurial community
Business and stimulating the creation of effective solutions to meet the challenges related to problems
Climate and green cities and the balanced nature of agriculture and food.

His Excellency Dr. Thani bin Ahmed Al Zaidi, Minister of Climate Change, said
Environment The process of focusing on the role and empowerment of young people in the United Arab Emirates has begun
Since the founding of the Union by the late founder leader Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan
Al Nahyan, and continued with the leadership of the state leadership and strengthened further
Over the last decade, with the growing role that this category can offer
Achieve the sustainable development of UAE 2021 Vision.

He added that young people nowadays have great ability
Independence and independence and care for their duties
To improve their communities and the world, and the state is interested
Create and support many programs that give young people the opportunity to express their dreams
Their aspirations and motivation as well as innovative solutions to global problems.

The program aims to choose the best and most effective ideas up to 15
Project only … and encourages people or teams who have a ready technology project
Participants will already be considered projects that have already participated
In the events of Haccathon and competitions to identify emerging projects and others
Related programs.

Robin Brazil, director of StartAd, said:
Young people under 25 are approximately 35% of the UAE population, so it is
The program is an important opportunity for them to create creative ideas and transform them into models
The works are applicable in the short term.

– Huda Al-Kubaisi –


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