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The landlord's owner agrees to the extension of the lease

The Land Disputes Settlement Center, the judicial arm of the Dubai Department of the Earth, said the landlord had designated a health care center for 40 disabled children, agreed to extend the tenant with a lease, in a humanitarian gesture and in response to what was published in Emirates Today .

The center stated in a special statement that the landlord had given a lot of help to the health care center throughout the entire rental period and that it had not decided to evacuate the salary until it accumulated the rent value in the center and the tenant could not fully pay.

Property Owner

In detail, UAE National, the owner of the property, said a health care center housing 40 disabled children, for which the United Arab Emirates published the latest report, said that it extended the tenant's lease term for some time so that the tenant could settle his affairs. He noted that he had not made the decision to evacuate the salary assigned to the health center to treat the cases of people with autism and "Down syndrome" only after accumulation of rent.

A citizen told Emirates Today that he had given a lot of help to the center since he rented it in 2017, but he did not decide to file a claim for termination after the tenant accumulated a large amount of rent and it was difficult to contact him.

Good hands

He noted that extending the hand of good to those in need is social behavior in the UAE. He added: "I am glad that the help provided by benefactors of white hands of philanthropists in the United Arab Emirates was associated with (Year of Tolerance)."

For his part, the president of the Center for Rent Dispute Resolution in Dubai, Judge Abdul Qader Moussa, that «after issuing the initiative (Year of Tolerance), the center focused on amicable settlement of all lease disputes, and also helped many humanitarian matters, according to data of each case », he noted that he deals with many issues from a human and social point of view.

Rental disputes

Moussa emphasized that since its establishment in 2013, the Center has been striving to become an international reference point in resolving lease disputes, and also contributes to the formulation of proactive solutions that provide answers to the requirements of each stage of the sector's development. Therefore, between the parties to the lease relationship an administration was established under the same name, which is responsible for the amicable settlement of lease disputes, in order to switch to alternatives to litigation, saving effort, time and money.

He noted that the provision of assistance in humanitarian matters, which are examined by specialized committees at the Center, was one of the most important of these initiatives in the "Year of Tolerance". He noted that the Center has taken a number of initiatives in this area, including the return of half of the fees as part of the amicable solution and the launch of a permanent table of honor on the Centre's website, the names of owners and real estate companies that comply with tolerance values, by agreeing on disputes regarding lease.

Emirates Today published a report on Monday that the Lease Dispute Resolution Center ceased to evacuate a villa evacuation decision in the Jumeirah area after it turned out to be a health care center for 40 disabled children and that the owner was able to get an eviction order against tenant because of the accumulation of rent exceeding 189,000 dirhams, emphasizing that he was able to collect most of the rent arrears from the donor.



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