Three factors prompted the African Union to decide to arrest Azzaro


A serious crisis that the club's first football team is facing today, after the decision of the African Football Confederation (CA) to stop a Moroccan attacker Walid Azzaro, a red striker, due to unsportsmanlike behavior (as described by a Moroccan striker) Champions, which took place at the Burj Al Arab stadium in Alexandria last Friday.

Cameras that did not broadcast on the official match tape showed the Moroccan striker who cut off the shirt to avoid the referee for a penalty that was based on K's decision to stop the two matches of Walid Azaro.

Azzaro's suspension was not accidental and could not take place before the crisis, which appeared in the last few days and immediately after the match, what we see in the following lines:

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Video infusion:

The film was revealed to the media and the Confederation of African Football (CA) after the meeting, where the person who escorted him to register the game and published on the means of social communication, What caused a stir in sports caused great pressure on the Confederation of Africa Football.

The pressure of the Tunisian Union and Al-Tarja:

The Tunisian Football Federation held an extraordinary meeting, and the Tunisian Council of Ministers also received the Board of Directors of Esperance and the Football Federation to discuss the crisis. The most important of them was the demand to stop Azaro after publishing the video, as well as lifting the suspension of Shams Aldin Zouadi and Frank Com, Esperance players, along with the penalty of the Algerian judge Mehdi Obeid Charef, who managed the trip and counted two penalties for Ahli.

Tunisia's pressure on K was very high, especially since it threatened to withdraw from the final match at the Rades stadium and set off on Friday, prompting the African Union to punish Azaro.

Egyptian and Tunisian media:

The Tunisian media have been interested since the first game to start a very strong campaign against the government of Mehdi Obeid Sharaf, as well as officials of the club and the African Union, and to state that there are clear compliments regarding management for the National Club and accuse the African Union of what helped to confirm these accusations, is the position of the Egyptian media, which Azaro shot repeatedly and said that Al Ahli shooting is not healthy and questioned the position of the judge, and also speaks of the wonderful courtesies for Ahli in the African Championships, which the Tunisian media used to To the extent that one of the sponsors of Radio E Tunisian journalist Spriss said on the air that an Egyptian journalist told him that Ahli and his sponsoring company had concluded a contract with KAF and the decision to be late for a meeting for the Al castle -Hamra, which recently focused on n and the Tunisian press, In order to strengthen the position of Esperance, which had a profound impact on the recent decisions of the AU.

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Social Communication:

Social networks of various forms and types have seen in the last few hours of a great war between fans, fans of Ahli defended their team, while Zamalek's fans question Ahli's victory and declare solidarity with the Esperance Club, and each front shows videos confirming the position, He also influenced for sufficient decisions.


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