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Activation of fighters – the Ukrainian army called the reason – News of Ukraine

June 26, 22:41

OOS fighters moved away from the breeding line near the village, and were fired at Avdeevka

Photo: today

For the first time in three years, the Donbass was separated. Over a week, they did not shoot Stanica Lugansk, and today the Ukrainian army and fighters have moved away from the demarcation line. But this will not weaken our defense, provided at the OOS headquarters.

But it was quite hot in Avdiivka. The fire of an enemy mortar covered residential buildings.

In one of the four houses that exploded this morning, all the windows were broken. Everywhere the glass is on the floor, on the bed. The owner sleeps here, but fortunately that evening he was not in the building.

The coating exploded in the courtyard just outside Alexander's house. I got to the building materials warehouse. The debris hacked neighboring houses within a few dozen meters.

Slate, which was hit by the shell of Russian mercenaries, Alexander wanted to cut off the roof, pierced during last year's shelling. This house is almost the only thing for him. The rest were kidnapped by the war. With particular regret, the man talks about his beloved cow.

"They were going – Sho. There was. Injured? Yes. And the car was broken too? How did this happen? And how the car broke down? Well, I was on duty in the roofs.

And Victor found a funnel in his garden after today's fire. He says that militants fired from the village of Yakovlevka, which Yasinovataya had. Such a huge shelling of houses in the area has not been for a long time. Because Victor's house burned down.

"You see what's left of the house. It's in the sixteenth. In 14 I entered a new house, I built it myself. And in the 14th year, everything came and burned out. The year has not come. and it worked in armor and helmet, "said Wiktor Tkachenko, a resident of Avdiivka.

Positions of the Ukrainian army, the enemy began to shoot at four in the morning. For almost an hour, the army was covered with deadly iron on all sides. Neglecting all contracts, the Russian mercenaries brought three self-propelled artillery fasteners to the firing line.

"120, SAUSHKA and mortar worked. SAUSHKA moved in positions. Then she covered one, then the other. According to us, neighbors. We stood a long time ago, but we were afraid – the feeling that the neighbors got into the gap, but thank God they did. just behind your back, "say the warriors

Fighters see the reason for the impudent acts of the enemy in recent political events.

"First, fraternal people are holy people, for the good of Europe and for the messenger, we are all one way. signed, "says the warrior.

In general, militants fired over one hundred tank shells and 120 mm of mines into positions of Avdiivka's military and peaceful quarters.

Recall today, June 26 Donbass was the host of the first stage of breeding forces
. The Ukrainian army left positions in the area of ​​Stanitsa Luganskaya under the supervision of the OSCE.

The news "Today" also reported it Recently, militants have already stopped withdrawing their forces in the Donbasswhich did not allow to start this process in accordance with the Minsk agreements. But today the Ukrainian side has begun the first stage in rearing forces and resources – the Ukrainian armed forces have moved away from one of the positions before KVVV "Stanitsa Luganskaya".

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