Sunday , July 25 2021

Anita Lutsenko commented on the finale and departure of Pavel Vishnyakov

Anita Lutsenko showed her passion with someone else in the semifinal of the "Dance with Light" project.

One day, fitness gita Anita Lutsenko delighted subscribers with news about her return to the project "Tantsі zіrkami". On his website on Instagram, the coach commented on the return to the dance floor of the project.

"I have always appreciated and appreciated the support of loved ones, acquaintances, strangers, this is what you need, anytime, anywhere, and it is never superfluous." I am grateful to Pasha that he was not too lazy and did not hesitate to support me. What I have today, that's why I support him today, I will be very happy with your support for our trio! "summarized Lutsenko.

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It is worth noting that the departure from Anita Lutsenko's exhibition was a surprise for many people and caused many comments on the networks. Anita went to the floor with Pavel Vishnyakov and Julia Sahnevich. The newly created trio showed dynamic paso doble, which jury members estimated at the maximum – 30 points. However, despite high recognition for the dance and positive comments of viewers on social networks, Pavel Vishnyakov and Yuliya Sahnevich unexpectedly left the project step by step before the finale.

"Now everything is exactly! I believe that every decent and indecent girl should live like dances, it's cool and it's a great alternative for gym and training. PS What do I think about the results of the 13th emission? Peace of mind For each participant this is an interesting stage life, which will undoubtedly affect future life, but how? Nobody knows! I am for everything that happens as it should, "comments Anita the result of the semi-final.

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