Death of Gandzyuk. The client has not been found yet


Law enforcement agencies say they are doing everything possible to establish a crime for the client, activists are protesting, and politicians promote this tragedy.

After three months of treatment, the activist Yekaterina Gandzyuk died in one of Kiev's hospitals.

On July 31, Kherson was coated with concentrated sulfuric acid, which resulted in 40% of skin burns and serious eye injuries.

The exact cause of death is not called. In the media they talk about a broken blood clot or medical errors. The police have again classified the criminal proceedings, which investigates the attack on the activist, the "completed murder".

Death Gandzyuk caused a huge public protest, protests under the building of the Interior Ministry and calls for the removal of the heads of law enforcement agencies. he collected information about the tragedy.

Attempt and death

Ekaterina Gandzyuk was 33 years old. Recently, she worked as the head of the affairs of the executive committee of the city of Kherson, she was an advisor to the mayor of Kherson.

Active social activities Gandzyuk began to engage in 18 years. He took part in the Orange Revolution and Euromaidan. Engaged in anti-corruption investigations, he criticized the police and officials, as well as the "pro-Russian forces" of the Kherson region.

She was the deputy of the regional and municipal councils of the Chersonites from the Batkivshchyna party. She was then expelled from the party. In addition, Gandzyuk worked as a UN national volunteer.

On July 31, Gandzyuk was attacked near her home, drenched in sulfuric acid. On August 3, Attorney General Yuriy Lutsenko, after talking with Gandzyuk, said that the investigation of the case would be handed over to the Security Service of Ukraine.

From September 21, Gandzyuk underwent 11 operations to remove dead tissue and skin grafts. She was in the intensive care unit at the hospital in Kiev.

On September 26, Gandzyuk published a video message to the Ukrainian authorities and Ukrainians, in which she called for investigation of growing attacks on activists.

After the death of Gandzyuka, it was known on November 4.


On August 20, the head of the national police, Sergei Knyazev, stated that in the case of Gandzyuk, 5 people were detained by the police, "suspected of participating in the organization and complicity in the attempt to assassinate". They are Wiaczesław Wiszniewski, Wiktor Gorbunow, Vladimir Wasjanowicz, Sergei Torbin and Nikita Grabczuk. All suspects are former members of the ATO, members of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army, led by Dmitry & # 39; Yarosh.

At some point, these volunteers received state awards from President Petro Poroshenko.

Four of them pleaded guilty to the crime. Sergei Torbin, who appears in the case as an organizer, and Nikita Grabczuk, who is called the immediate perpetrator, are now in custody.

According to the investigation, on July 6, the sulfuric acid battery was bought in Kakhovka by humpbackers. During the interrogation, Gorbunov stated that Torbin proposed to organize a rehearsal on him, Wiszniewski, Wasyanowicz and Grabczuk, stating that Gandzyuk was a "corrupt official with pro-Russian views." According to him, he received $ 300 from Vasyanovich for the purchase of acid and refused to take further action. He also recognized in a man who in a music video runs from the house Gandzyuk, Grabczuk.

Vasyanovich and Torbin received the Order for third-class courage and the command "People's Hero of Ukraine".

The reaction of the authorities

Representatives of the authorities after Gandzyuk's death began with one voice demanding punishment for the perpetrators.

President Petro Poroshenko demanded that law enforcement agencies do everything to resolve the murder of Gandzyuk.

"I want to appeal to law enforcement officers to do everything possible to ensure that the killers are found, that the killers will be punished, that they are on the dock, and we all have to cooperate to make it happen, help police and law enforcement agencies together, evil has been punished, "said the president.

Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin stressed that the best tribute to the death of the Kherina activist Katerina Gandzyuk would be to ensure that such crimes no longer exist.

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman said that the crime against Gandzuk is not subject to any restrictions. "The guilty should be punished," said the prime minister.

At the same time, the leader of the Batkivshchyna party, Yulia Tymoshenko, declared that Gandziuk's death was a "verdict of the system."

"Katina's death is a sentence for the system, with all its" reforms ", bravado, low boast, Something is wrong, something is wrong, when the best people lose their lives in daily struggle" – wrote Tymoshenko on Facebook.

The head of the Ukrainian national police, Sergey Knyazev, expects that the detained organizers of the attack on Gandzyuka in connection with her death will provide additional proof of the order in which they were conducted.

Knyazev reminded that on the initiative of the General Prosecutor's Office, the Security Service of Ukraine, which is working on establishing the client for this attack, investigates criminal proceedings.

"The national police of Ukraine provides all necessary assistance to the client to be named and punished" – added the head of the national police.

According to Knyazev, the police will receive the final conclusion regarding the reasons for Gandzyuk's death after the medical examination.

In order to determine the client murder of the activist, advisor of the mayor of Kherson, Yekaterina Gandzyuk, suspected of organizing the murder was transferred to the detention center of the SBU in Kiev, said the prosecutor general Yuriy Lutsenko.

"Determined executors and organizer will stand trial. In order to determine the client, suspected of organizing the murder was transferred to the Kiev bulletin SBU at the end of October, everything I promised Kate, when I visit her in the hospital, will be met" – said Lutsenko.

He added that the investigation of the national police "will soon be completed" and during the investigation 367 hearings, 21 exams, detector controls and other court proceedings were carried out.

Reaction abroad

The United States is calling for court killers of Gandzyuk to be brought to justice, said US Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch.

"On behalf of the US government and the American people, I extend the deepest condolences to the family and friends of Yekaterina Gandzyuk, and we renew the call of the Ukrainian authorities to bring criminals to justice, including those who manage them," said the ambassador.

Those responsible for the assault that led to Gandzyuk's death should be brought to justice – said British Ambassador to Ukraine Judith Gough.

"The news about the death of Katarzyna Gandzyuk, which courageously and dignity fought with terrible wounds, is extremely upset, it is important that those responsible for this terrible attack face justice" – wrote the ambassador.

The reaction of society

The action in memory of Gandzyuk took place under the building of the Ministry of the Interior in Kiev. Over 500 people took part in the campaign.

Friends, activists, colleagues, journalists and politicians brought portraits of the dead. Before entering the territory of the Ministry of Interior, the activists put an inscription on the sidewalk "Zabili ona".

The protesters demanded finding and punishing clients of Gandzyuk's murder.

Similar actions took place in Lviv, Kherson, Kharkov, Dnipro and other cities.

Nardep with BPP Mustafa Nayem demands the creation of an interim investigative commission investigating the facts of the attack on activists in 2017-2018.


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