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Dynamo. Khatskevich has a difficult choice of the main striker ᐉ UA-Football

The problem of the absence of an attacker in Dynamo has been said since the beginning of the season, when the club in Kiev said goodbye to Moraesh and Mbokani, and in return bought a talented Vladislav Supryag, who was not ready to the next level.

When Artem Besedin fell due to injury, Alexander Khatskevich did not dare to trust in Nazariy Rusin, an Academy graduate, and retrained Winger Benjamin Verbich to the attacker. In difficult times, the Slovenian helped the team, but it was noticeable that the attack flank was a more natural environment for him.

That is why the fans (and the training staff) were waiting hopefully for a winter transfer window, during which Igor Surkis promised that he would eventually solve the problem. In the Kiev match a lot, but "Dynamo" clashed with the Spaniard Fran Sol, who in "Willem" scored 13 goals in 17 matches, which even for the Dutch Championship with a fondness for adventurism looked quite solid. The Kiev club, according to media reports, did not regret more than three million euros, although Sol ended the contract with Will in the summer.

Dilemma Khatskevicha. Entrust the advantage of Dynamo's attack in a match against Olympiacos - picture 1

It seemed that the matter was finally resolved. People close to the club argued that Alexander Khatskevich himself insisted on buying Fran, who is very impressed by the style of the Spaniard. But the preparatory training has passed, but the feeling that Dynamo in the choice of the main striker remained at the crossroads has not disappeared.

The salt worked fully on both white and blue training camps, took part in six games and … did not score a single goal and did not give one assists. At the same time Khatskevich played with him honestly in the composition, which was read as the main one. Yes, forward are of different kinds, and statistics are not indicative. But Sola was only made to increase the efficiency of the team, which in UPL, for example, scored only one goal more than Alexandria, and two more than Zorya.

An alternative to Franu during the training was 20-year-old Nazariy Rusin, who usually either fell out of the bench, or played when the key artists received a rest. As a result, Rusin finished training camps with four goals scored (double "Bochumu", goal "New England Revolyushin" and "Volerengue").

Dilemma Khatskevicha. Entrust the advantage of the Dynamo attack in a match against Olympiacos - picture 2

And now the question arises: how will Alexander Khatskevich be led when choosing the starting line-up for the first match of the 1/16 European League final against Olympiacos? Wanting to prove to the president that the money was not wasted, or analyzing the data obtained while working on the fees? Salt has not yet found mutual understanding with partners, while Rusin demonstrates a good scoring talent multiplied by youthful maximalism and a great desire to acquire a bridgehead in the base.

Not so long ago, Khatskevich, commenting on Yarmolenko's sales and prospects for Tsygankov, said that "Vite must withdraw". The coach confirmed his words with confidence in a young player who received a stable place in the base (admittedly). Perhaps now the same moment has come for Rusin? Players are not thoughtless machines, they notice who plays and who likes the power or burden of financial responsibility. Does not Nazariy suppress the trainer's faith in a new legionnaire against his success in a training camp? Will Sola be depressed, more than likely to fail in Greece? This is still a dilemma for Khatskevich, whose decision will largely depend on how Dynamo will maintain the second part of the season.

Europa League. 1/16 finals. First match
14th of February. Piraeus. Stadium "Georgios Karaiskakis"
Olympiacos (Piraeus) 20:00 Dynamo (Kiev)

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