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EA unexpectedly announced Plants vs. Zombie 3 – Gambling

EA with the creators Plants vs. Zombie with PopCap unexpectedly announced the third part of the main series. What's more, some American lucky people with Android smartphones may already try the earlier version of the project.

Most likely, the alpha game will soon be available in other countries – at least the press release of the publisher, who wants to introduce more users to the tests, openly indicates it.

The company even came up with an interesting test slogan – "Lend us your brains"Interpret as you like!

Developers note that during testing they will periodically reset all progress due to different changes in the product itself. But in the alpha there will be no micro-transactions – if they appear, then after the full release.

Over time, tests will begin on iOS, and on Android you will need a device such as Samsung Galaxy S7 with Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or newer to run.

The first screenshots of the project

Earlier, the publisher told investors that the new big part of Plants vs. is being prepared for release. Zombies for consoles and PCs. This is to be a triquel. War in the gardenwhich should reach store shelves in 2019.

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