Example. 12th round. Cadiz – Barcelona 2: 1. I shook the ᐉ UA-Football bus


Brightwhite is the top forward. Ousmane Dembele has finally revealed … Griezmann is finding himself … Our youth are super talented … Koeman found an approach to Messi … Barcelona fans rejoiced by drawing far-reaching conclusions from their games against weak Dynamo and “Ferencvaros” and also “Osasuna”. A three-legged super streak (three wins in a dry crush) raised Catalan self-esteem to the skies, convincing them that the recent Atlético defeat was an accident. But then came the fifth of December and the match against Cadiz …

Example.  12th round.  Cadiz - Barcelona 2: 1. Shocked in the bus - photo 1

La Liga rookie gained the status of a storm of power. But the entire threat of the Andalusians usually manifests itself in foreign fields. At their home stadium, they have only scored two points in the previous five games. Few believed that the Cadiz piggy bank would be replenished today. And the game didn’t contribute to that. In the first half, Cadiz had less than twenty percent of the ball, with only one shot at Ter Stegen’s goal … but he scored. After a corner has been taken, the ball from the nearest post is directed towards the opponent. Oscar Mingez, trying to repel the threat, forced his own goalkeeper to defend, but Alvaro Jimenez played calmly and naturally to the finish.

After that, Barça became nervous. The Catalans did not have enough speed and activity, but something prevented them from managing the ball properly in the final stages of the attacks. That Brightwhite scoring talent that had earned him the goal in the Champions League has disappeared somewhere. Messi hit hard from the free kick, but straight (in the middle of the goal), Messi even tried to twist the ball under the crossbar straight from the corner flag. What the guests did not come up with.

Example.  12th round.  Cadiz - Barcelona 2: 1. Shocked in the bus - photo 2

“Cadiz” put the bus, but the opponent had no problems breaking into the penalty area. There were problems with the finish. Even de Jong, who plays mid-back in the second half, scores to goal in vain.

Koeman sat down phlegmatically on the coach’s bench. It is difficult to say what feelings overwhelmed the coach. It is possible that at the end of the first half the coach was sure that the situation could be rectified.

The second 45 minutes started fast, but only one team set the pace – Barcelona. In the end, we managed to find our own way not in terms of quality but quantity. An awkward goal ran into the Ledesma gates after Alba’s lumbago from the flank and off Alcala.

Example.  12th round.  Cadiz - Barcelona 2: 1. Shocked in the bus - photo 3

This moment could have become a turning point in the match, if not for the mediocre performance of Langle and ter Stegen at their goals. Cadiz had nothing, Alba jumped on goal, Langle made a mistake, ter Stegen also waved past the ball, de Jong was late to slide, and Negredo, who had arrived just a minute earlier, rolled the bullet into the empty frame.

You can imagine what kind of game came later. Barcelona pressed the gate with her whole body. Moments poured in like a strainer. But it was quantity, not quality. As in the first half. Dest on the right edge of the penalty area “twisted” the ball too much, Griezmann hit the middle from some deadly position, Messi did not throw the wall from a free kick. Of course, in conditions where ten players from “Barcy” were on the wrong side of the field, “Cadiz” had a chance of a counterattack. Ivan Alejo and Adekane ran out, but did not bring their abilities to a logical conclusion.

Example.  12th round.  Cadiz - Barcelona 2: 1. Shocked in the bus - photo 4

But more importantly, Cadiz withstood the defense. Without a head coach in the technical zone (suspension), without a single home win in the last five months (since July 4th), without a single victory over Barcelona in the last 29 years and with Real Madrid’s fresh scalp in the collection “Cadiz has made the feat …

It was painful to look at Kuman. So far, the Champions League is the only consolation.

Example.  12th round.  Cadiz - Barcelona 2: 1. Shocked in the bus - photo 5

Cadiz “Ramon de Carranza”
Cadiz – Barcelona 2: 1
Objectives: Alvaro Jimenez 8, Alvaro Negredo 63 – Pedro Alcala 57 (author)

“Cadiz”: Jeremy Ledesma, Jens Jonsson (Augusto Fernandez 80), Fali Jimenez, Marcos Lopez (Pedro Alcala 31), Alberto Perea (Bobby Adecane 80), Yann Bodige, Alex Fernandez, Isaac Carquelen, Alvaro Jimenez (Ewaro, Alfredo 62) Jairo Izquierdo ( Ivan Alejo 81)

“Barcelona”: Marc-Andre ter Stegen, Serginho Dest (Trinkao 77), Sergio Busquets (Miralem Pjanic 78), Clement Langle, Philippe Coutinho (Usman Dembele 46), Lionel Messi, Antoine Griezmann, Jordi Alba, Martin Brightwang, Frankie OJ Garcia (Pedri 46 )

Warnings: Clement Langle 61, Jordi Alba 86


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