Fonsek: The situation in this country has not touched us yet


Chief coach Shakhtar Donetsk Paulo Fonsek spoke with the press on the eve of the match of the fifth round of the Champions League group stage against Hoffenheim.

"We are aware that there are only two fights to the end of the group stage, so only one result will be responsible for entering the playoffs. I think we have a very interesting confrontation because the opponent has a similar situation.

The miner always remains true to his principles and always shows his game. We will always be ourselves. The miner always takes the initiative, he always tries to get the ball. We like to be in the middle of the opponent's field and attack. We will never leave this course. I can honestly say that while the miner is in my hands, our team will not have defensive football.

I can confidently say that tomorrow the team will focus solely on the game. It is obvious that today the whole country woke up and saw the news, but to be honest, it has not touched us directly so far, "Fonseca told a press conference.

Recall that the Hoffenheim – Miner match will take place tomorrow, November 27. The meeting is scheduled for 22:00. The online broadcast of this match will be available on our website.

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