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GM strike, intercity car sharing and other industry events – Autoreview


One of the longest and biggest strikes in the automotive industry has ended in the US: a group association General engines announced its beginning on September 16, and the action ended on October 26. According to independent estimates, around 50,000 employees participated in the strike. They demanded a salary increase, which has not changed since 2009, when fears were in a deep crisis. As a result, the salary increased by 3% and the basic rate for veterans increased by 6%. GM estimated the loss from the strike at $ 1 billion, and this is only in the third quarter, and by the end of the year this amount will be about three billion!

fears PSA and FCA announced a possible connection. There are no official details yet, negotiations are still far from over. But if the deal is concluded, the alliance formed will become the fourth largest automaker in the world. According to The Wall Street Journal, PSA head Carlos Tavares will be at his side. However, although all this was written with a pitchfork on the water: the previously widely discussed association of FCA and Renault did not take place.

Traton (part of the Volkswagen group) and Hino (Toyota) have already agreed to set up a joint venture H.ino and raton orders. The majority of the shares (51%) belong to the German side and the offices will be located in Munich and Tokyo. The main goal is to create a common supplier base to reduce component costs.

Mark Genesis new chapter: Manfred Fitzgerald resigned after almost four years of work, and Hyundai Vice President William Lee (pictured) was appointed his successor on November 1. Earlier, he managed the company's branches in North America and Brazil, and his main task in the new position will be to strengthen the Genesis brand and enter the crossover market.

Business Lotus and a British bicycle manufacturer Hope technology presented the first joint model – a track bike for fast racing. Lotus Engineering has developed a light steering wheel and front fork, and is also involved in improving aerodynamics. On new motorcycles, the British team will take part in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

New rules come into force CTP. The policy with incorrect data is considered invalid. This means that the insurer will pay compensation to the injured party, but after recovering the loss from the perpetrator of the accident. In addition, the purchase of a temporary OSAGO policy is now only possible after passing the control, while before such a 20-day insurance you could get to the place of registration of the car.

Car-sharing operator Yandex.Drive introduced long-distance tariffs. You can move between Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as between Moscow and Kazan, but so far only in freight cars using the "Cargo" filter and passenger minibuses from the "Shuttle" filter. The "Meżgorod" fare allows you to take your car in one city and complete your rental in another. It covers several hundred kilometers and over ten hours, as well as travel on toll roads. For example, a trip from Moscow to St. Petersburg will cost about 8,000 rubles.

Also today we talked about the plans for the BMW M division, the assembly of Lada Grants in Egypt, the Toyota GR Supra GT4 racing coupe and the prices of vans and minibuses with Peugeot / Citroen all-wheel drive.

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