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Horoscope for August 15, 2019. On the Tarot cards: all zodiac signs – 2019 horoscope

Horoscope August 15 for all zodiac signs.

Tarot cards predict that many characters will be a busy day of adventure and emotional sensations. Leo and Virgo should be careful, but Pisces and Aquarius must pay attention to their colleagues.

OBOZREVATEL offers readers a more detailed horoscope study on Thursday on Tarot cards. The tarot card horoscope was made on the basis of the "Tarot of Dreams" deck of the Italian artist Ciro Marchetti.

ARIES – Ten cups

On August 15, Aries will have a reason to be happy. Maybe it is a successfully completed job, or maybe a meeting with nice people. It is possible that we will talk about new love or friendship. Choose for yourself where fate will lead you that day.

Taurus – Denaria Site

This card indicates the initial stage of a material enterprise. Perhaps you are starting to tinker with a physical object or starting a project involving gardening, nutrition, diet or physical education.

GEMINI – Lady of the Swords

On August 15, you can succeed in the most fantastic trick. If you still felt limited, dependent on someone or something, now you have the chance to make the right decision and get rid of it all forever.

CANCER – Two cups

August 15 will be characterized by deep compassion, love, emotional contact or reconciliation. Tune the internal antennas to receive – you can fall in love again. If you already have a loved one, you can experience a new spring of love with him.

LEO – Wand page

On August 15, the site announces a new venture in a company or project. Perhaps at work you will have some fascinating chance, or in your personal life there will be an interesting meeting, and then the flame will ignite from this spark.

VIRGO – Lady of the Denarius

Don't listen to anyone, don't let anyone manipulate you. Do what you have planned calmly and consistently. You know that good wine has been maturing for years.

LIBRA – Knight of Wands

You have a hot day. Either you will feel your turbulent temperament and you will want to "immediately", or you will find yourself in a situation where passions will be heated to the limit. Even if it's just a noise because of trifles, you can free yourself from your feelings and act once in a lifetime at the heart's command.

SCORPION – Four cups

When this card appears in the system – many people are disappointed. Monitor your mood carefully. Any stupid little thing can cause offense, runny nose and even heartburn. And even if you really have reason to be disappointed, don't get carried away with regret.

SAGITTARIUS – Four Denarius

The shooter is determined to win, so remember about caution, although in reality you just lack the strength and skill to win. You are too obsessed with something that really hinders your plans.

CAPRICORN – Five Wands

You must be in shape because you must prove your skills. This is a normal exam situation and should not be avoided. And it doesn't matter if it's rivalry with competitors, confrontation of two opinions, or psychological rivalry (conflict) with a loved one: you must immediately take the bull by the horns and prove that you are still the best.

AQUARIUS – King of goblets

You must consciously manage your feelings, giving them freedom. Do not hide your emotions, but try to show the other person how much you love him, what problem worries you or what interest excites you the most.

FISH – Denarius ace

Catch a moment of happiness. Choose something that can be useful when implementing long-term plans, especially in the field of work and investment. You can lay the foundation for a new long-term project you've been dreaming of for so long.

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