Hyundai showed the concept of electrocross Saga EV


Hyundai showed the concept of electrocross Saga EVAccording to him, the project of the "state employees" family will be updated.

The world premiere of SUV Hyundai took place in Brazil. Most likely, the cross will not be sent to the series, but the project of the family of "state employees" will be updated based on the reasons, reports in relation to

At the car show in Sao Paulo, which yesterday opened the door for media representatives, the Hyundai brand showed the concept of electrocross Saga EV. The prototype was developed at the Californian design center of the company with the participation of the Brazilian unit. Hyundai is silent on the "trolley" concept. Local media believe that the budget HB20 hatchback, which in turn is based on the old Solaris platform, has become a "donor" for the SUV.

The concept received LED optics and 19-inch wheels, instead of the external mirrors cameras were installed. The roof has a rubberized coating, and elastic bands extend between the rails – this "set" should make the load more reliable.

The length of the Hyundai Saga EV is 4028 mm, which is 108 mm longer than the standard Hyundai HB20 hatch. The wheelbase of the crossover is 2560 mm (+60 mm in relation to the hatchback), the vehicle's ground clearance is 302 mm compared to 165 mm in the case of the HB20. Incidentally, according to the latest indicator, the Saga EV exceeds not only the ordinary hatch, but also its lateral version HB20X (205 mm), and even the larger SUV Hyundai Creta (Brazilian version is 4270 mm, the wheelbase is 2590 mm, the clearance is 190 mm ).

The producer did not reveal the interior of the electrocenter, most probably the model without a crane was brought to Sao Paulo. In this case, Hyundai said that if the EV Saga goes on sale, it will be offered with a 204 hp electric motor. and 64 kWh lithium-ion battery – the same "kit" is included in the highest version of the serial "green" SUV Hyundai Kona Electric. The Kona power reserve on one charge with this battery is about 470 km in the WLTP cycle.

However, Hyundai will not put the Saga EV on the conveyor. But the designers did not work in vain: it is expected that based on this concept they will look like a refurbished HB20 model.

Recall that in addition to the already mentioned standard version of "pyatidverki" and its cross version, this family also includes a sedan and "defiant" hatchback. Cars manufactured at the Hyundai factory in Brazil. From the Saga EV, the G20 will most likely receive a radiator grille and rear lights, and the headlamps will also be made in the prototype style. The premiere of the updated HB20 family is scheduled for next year.

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Meanwhile, it was known earlier that Hyundai is developing another small SUV: this model will become serial, in the composition of the brand will be a step below Creta.

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