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In the UK, an electric car was presented, which can run 400 km without charging

The British company Lotus demonstrated its own EVJI vehicle model, which is equipped with 1972 hp engines. Reports on the subject Information on Verge reports.

"The British car maker Lotus presented its first car after the purchase of the company by the Chinese group Geely. Evija's electric car will be able to compete with the fastest cars in the world when production starts in 2020, "the report reads.

According to the portal, 130 copies of Eviji worth 1.5 million pounds sterling will be produced worldwide. It should be noted that the electric car will be equipped with four engines with a total power of 1972 hp. Its maximum speed will be 322 km / h. The car itself will be able to pick up 100 km / h in just three seconds.


It should also be noted that the company expects Evija to operate without recharging, driving up to 402 km. In this case, the electric car can be charged from 0 to 80% in just 18 minutes on 350 kW charging stations. However, after the appearance of a fully charged 800 kW charging station, it will take only 9 minutes.

Video: YouTube / Lotus Cars

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