Invoked: Shakhtar's player has admitted that pressure on the referee – football news


Shakhtar midfielder Taras Stepanenko said he called on Dynamo to take over Kiev's defender Tomasz Kendzer. According to the captain of Pitmen, he was playing with the "white blue" Polish Legion, he was obvious and deserved the right punishment.

"I suggested the referee at the moment Taison had thrown and the Dynamo player played with one hand," Stepanenko quotes

The Ukrainian midfielder also commented on Viktor Kovalenko's goal at the last minute, giving Shakhtar a victory in the Dynamo Confrontation.

"It's a very good kick: first it seemed that the ball went higher and then hit the finish line," Stepanenko said of his impressions.

Taras Stepanenko

Taras Stepanenko

FC Shakhtar

Recall that the defender of Kiev Tomash Kendzer accused the midfielder "Donetsk" the pressure of the referee at the meeting.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, Shakhtar won the Dynamo Kyiv victory over compensated time. After removing the Kenzers, a fight occurred in the field.


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