It became known what the new Fiat will be


It became known what the new Fiat will be The car will appear this month.

A few weeks ago, the first trailer of the updated Fiat crossover model was presented to drivers, reports regarding AvtoDream.

Despite the fact that the official presentation of the car is scheduled for the middle of this month, the excitement around him is getting warmer.

The debut in the automotive world for the car will take place at the Sao Paulo motor show. The producer made an exception and published a video in which you can familiarize yourself with some of the features of the new model.

So it is known that the model will belong to the SUV segment, but the name is kept secret. For the production of the new SUV, the well-known Toro automotive base was used previously.

This information allows us to state that the car will have two rows of seats. Experts, in turn, say that the car will be equipped with a 1.8 engine, capable of producing one hundred and thirty-five horsepower.

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A Argentine production plant was used to release the new model.

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