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Liars on the horoscope: signs of the zodiac, which most often lie

It simply means, however, that their words must be checked again and promised to receive them in writing, and even better – in the form of a full-fledged agreement that determines the penalty for non-performance. And will tell you what zodiac signs exactly what to do.


Virgins are not worried that they are lying. This behavior increases the chances of survival and success, which is why it is acceptable. And if the people around were not so prudent to look through the lies – these are their personal problems. Let them learn from their mistakes. In addition, the masters of the Virgin find excuses for their actions that sound quite logical.


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Taurus is about not leaving the comfort zone once again. Also, if a small lie can protect them from having to make certain decisions and change something, why not take advantage of it? Yes, this is not a lie, so Taurus's repentance is also unknown.


The Aquarius is too intelligent to perform additional movements. That's why they prefer to lie. The problem is that they often underestimate the analytical skills of others, so they do not lie very skilfully. But then Aquarius will always gain the reputation of a person with whom it is better not to do business – and that is what they most often need.


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Libra has managed to lie so that they can lie not only to others, but to themselves as well. Perhaps the best way to keep your real motives secret from others is to pretend that their motives are at the heart of your behavior. And Libra has mastered the art of rubbing into trust in perfection.


The ram is just to make a more positive impression. For other purposes, they prefer to act honestly. After all, what is the point of winning when you can not do it in an honest way? But to show his modest merits as real victories – Aries likes to do it.


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Lies are just another tool that affects people who have a full Scorpion arsenal. If it is profitable for them, they will lie. If not, they will be very honest, but with some of their own secrets. And Scorpios never regrets cheating – for them it is a very difficult game in which they must defeat the opponent at all costs.

We also believe that it would be helpful to know which signs of the zodiac are the most credulous. And yes, it does not mean that they can not lie at the same time – these two factors are not contradictory.

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