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Madonna accused of racism because of pictures of her children

Posted on July 17, 2019

Madonna accused of racism because she took off her dark-skinned daughters with watermelon

Madonna. Photo:

Users of the social network accuse the American singer Madonna in racism because of Instagram's photos of his adopted black daughters – the twins Stella and Esther.

Reports on this topic Today.

It was noticed that the 60-year-old star published a picture of her daughters in history. She added photos of a watermelon that looked like a dress and a skirt.

Social network users reacted immediately to these photos. They told her that there was a stereotype that African Americans love watermelons. Therefore, photos of watermelon are allegedly offensive and racist.

"White people scoffed at dark-skinned people because of their love of watermelon slavery. I'm sure Madonna is aware of that. She is a white woman raising black children and should be aware of her actions, "wrote one Twitter user.

As a result, Madonna removed photos from the social network. She did not comment on the situation.

As reported earlier, NEWSONE, a popular American singer Madonna, said Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein harassed her.

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