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Miners are on strike in Donbas again, demanding payment of overdue salaries

Here miners of two mines – "Ukraine" and "Kurachowska"

They blocked the way to "knock out" the money earned. About a hundred miners of state mines in the Donetsk Oblast stopped traffic on the Kurachowo-Kiev highway for two and a half hours. This is the seventh day of protests. They demand paying off debts for almost three months of work. One of the reasons why the debt is only increasing is the inability to sell coal at market price. Why this situation developed, journalists of "Today" found out.

The "Kurakhovo – Kiev" route. In the morning hundreds of miners blocked the traffic of vehicles. They demand payment of overdue salaries.

Protesters go only ambulances, disabled people and families with children. For others, an alternative route is a dirt road through the field.

Here the miners of two mines – "Ukraine" and "Kurachowska". Only the employees of the latter were guilty about thirteen and a half million UAH.

"On June 3, the last time was a transfer. It was a salary for May, and then an incomplete one, ”shares one of the protesters.

Some miners are one step away from quitting smoking.

"I have to earn money. My wife is pregnant. She has to give birth, but I have no money since May, "says miner Alexander.

Both Kurakhovskaya and Ukraine mines are part of the state enterprise Selidovugol. If the pay situation is not resolved in the near future, the enterprise may even be left without employees.

"22 percent has not been paid since May. Throughout June and July. People have nothing to do, "says Alexey Soroka, a member of the Original Trade Union of the Ukrainian Metallurgists and Miners Union.

Such protests in Donbass take place almost every day. And no wonder. Of the 33 mines in the controlled territory, only four are profitable. The main reason is the inability to sell coal at a market price linked to world prices. Because of this and underfunding of the industry – more and more mines are becoming unprofitable. State subsidies for all enterprises are not enough.

"We have to get back on our feet, 7.8 billion a year. It is the purchase of equipment, a subsidy for a ton of coal mined, ”says the expert.

A similar situation occurred in the region before the introduction of the "Rottredam +" formula, when state-owned mines sold coal at a price of one thousand UAH / tonne. After the introduction of the methodology and the approximation of Ukrainian coal prices to European state mines additionally earned about 10 billion UAH. First of all, the money was used to pay back arrears and raise the standard. Experts say that if Rotterdam + was not introduced in 2016, most mines would have been shut down long ago.

"If the Rotterdam + formula didn't work, and, roughly, prices were administered administratively, the state mines would have had around 8 billion losses throughout the entire formula period, according to the most conservative estimates," said Dmitry Marunich, expert on energy problems.

Experts say that decisions on how to proceed with the mines should already be the new parliament and government. However, it is not known at what cost to cover the industry's financial deficit. And accordingly, a debt repayment plan. Therefore, the chances of transferring the protests of miners from the regions to the capital are growing rapidly.

Earlier they reported about it today The Rotterdam + formula has allowed Ukrainian miners to receive fair remuneration for their work.

Let us remind you that NABU has sent a suspicion notification not only to the former head of NKREK Dmitry Vovk, but also to DTEK employees. The company believes it there is no reasonable reason for such investigative measures, and suspicions related to the investigation are unfounded.

"Rotterdam +" is a market formula based on which the wholesale price of coal in Ukraine was established. We took into account the cost of fuel in the leading European hub Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp, its delivery to TPP's national warehouses. It was only used to calculate coal and electricity prices for industrial enterprises and did not affect the tariffs for the population of Ukraine. They have been the lowest in Europe for several years.
Valid from May 1, 2016. Canceled from July 1 this year. Then, the leaders of NABU and SAP stated that this formula caused damage to the condition.

According to NKREKU's conclusions. calculation of "Rotterdam +" saved Ukraine about 40 billion UAH. After the abolition of this formula, the state began to buy more expensive coal, which in the near future will affect the tariffs for the population.

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