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Ouspenskaya confessed that people were killed in front of her – video

Russian star chanson, singer I love Uspenskaya he confessed that she killed six people.

She told about it in the AGENTSHOW program with Anastasia Ivleeva (to watch a video, scroll to the bottom of the page).

According to Uspenskaya, in the distant 90s she came to Siberia to sing on one of her birthdays. Then the client turned 30.

"Six people were shot dead after our birthday. I saw a corpse in the snow. There was a fight for power, groups. "They did not hit me. I think they scored badly, "she admitted.

Ouspenskaya also said she had recently filmed a clip from CYGO when they brought the real gun into place. In this story they were "Bonnie and Clyde".

"We brought the real weapon. I was holding a real machine gun. I really liked it, not just me, "she added.

According to OBOZREVATEL, Lyubov Uspenskaya lost her activity in the Russian Federation. She opened the karaoke bar, but due to the significant increase in the cost of renting premises, the institution had to be closed. In April 2019, media reported that Ouspenskaya was allegedly diligently hospitalized in Moscow. Later, her management responded to the information.

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