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Porsche Taycan – electric car specifications, price, release date / HB

Porsche is preparing for the mass production of the Taycan electric car. The company carried out 26 acceleration tests in a row to make sure the car is not overheating and is stable.

As already written HBThe German manufacturer Porsche is preparing its most serious competitor, Tesla Model S – its first Taycan sports electric car. The company had previously announced that from zero to 100 km / h the car would accelerate in just 3.5 seconds, and the new charging system would fill the battery to 80% of electricity in just 15 minutes.

One day Porsche tested the Taycan all-electric cooling system to ensure that the car did not overheat after constant long loads.

According to Digital Trends, at one of the German airports, the test version of Taycan has been accelerated from stopping to 200 km / h 26 times in a row. Therefore, the company's engineers wanted to prove that not only the high performance of the car is important, but also its ability to demonstrate this performance in all conditions.

Test runs were conducted at 28 degrees Celsius. The car was accelerated in different directions to take into account wind resistance. Acceleration to 200 km / h averaged to 10 seconds, with an error of 0.8 seconds between the best and worst results.

Porsche says such indicators have been achieved thanks to the new battery cooling system, which heats up at the moment of maximum acceleration. It is reported that temperature management technology has been developed taking into account the sport mode of driving this car.

In addition to cooling the 90 kWh battery, the system also heats the battery in winter, so the power plant always works in optimal conditions.

Engineers put cooling elements in the form of hairpins, which allowed not only to effectively control the temperature of the battery, but also to save space in the electric motor, improving its power and torque.

Last week, Porsche announced that Taycan would become more popular than its most popular sports model, the 911. The company has already issued 30,000 orders for the electric car and increased its production plan to 40,000 a year.

If everything goes according to plan, Taycan will become more popular than 911 in the first year of production. Porsche now sells 35,000 911 sports cars annually.

Two Taycan electric motors should produce about 600 horsepower, and in moderate driving conditions provide 400 km of power reserve. According to preliminary data in Germany, electric cars can be bought at prices from 86 thousand. Up to 104 thousand USD. The model is expected to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2019, and will enter the market in 2020.

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