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In 2020, the anti-money laundering legislation was updated. In this respect, the procedure and standards for confirming the origin of funds in transactions with real estate, including its purchase, have changed. The rules tightening up financial monitoring are regulated by Act 361-IX.

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Who needs to prove income when buying an apartment

In the spring of 2020, the maximum amount of transactions for which the buyer must confirm the legality of the origin of the funds increased from PLN 150,000. Hryvnia up to 400,000 Hryvnia. But along with this, a risk-oriented approach was introduced. This means that financial institutions should at their discretion and according to their own criteria analyze the client in order to prevent suspicious transactions.

It turns out that confirmation of income when buying an apartment may be required from each client if he makes a transfer in the amount of 400 thousand. Hryvnia. The likelihood that you will be asked for confirmation increases if:

  • the amount is payable in cash;
  • the bank does not see your income, salary or it is minimal;
  • the amount of the transaction is very different from the amounts you normally deal with.

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This does not mean that the bank will verify you in any of these cases. But the likelihood that he will ask you to confirm your source of income is quite high.

Proof of income when buying real estate in practice

The situation may be individual. The bank may request a certificate of income from a person with sufficiently high remuneration if it has doubts as to the cleanliness of the receipt of funds. But at the same time – the same financial institution can skip the same transaction for a buyer with a lower salary, if he sees that the amounts that are allowed to save for an apartment regularly pass through his account.

How to confirm income when buying an apartment

If the bank deems it necessary to verify your income, it issues a special questionnaire to be completed and asks you to attach to it documents confirming the origin of the funds.

Such documents may include:

  • Profit and Loss Account;
  • tax declaration;
  • inheritance document;
  • a copy of the real estate purchase and sale contract;
  • copy of the real estate lease agreement, etc.

Therefore, the income can be confirmed not only with a certificate of official salary, but also with any other document confirming the receipt of funds.

How to buy an apartment without proof of income

Usually, the income when buying an apartment does not need to be confirmed if the following rules are followed:

  • contact the partner bank of the construction company. Pay the amount for the apartment using the services of a bank cooperating with the developer;
  • transfer funds with your bank. If you are a long-term customer of the bank and he can see the transactions in your account all the time, this increases his loyalty;
  • open a deposit. You can deposit up to 400,000 to your bank account. Hryvnia, and then top them up with payments not exceeding the threshold amount. When there is enough money in your account, you can use it to buy an apartment.


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